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Paralyzed patients can create music with eye movements

There is nothing called disabled person. They should be called differently abled and all they need is a better situation. Perhaps the scientists of Plymouth University have believed in similar thoughts and they have invented a new device that will help paralyzed patients to compose music. The instrument invented by them is called Brain Computer Music Interface (BCMI). The interface implements electrodes which are being plugged into the back of head of the paralyzed patients.

Paralyzed patients can create music with eye movements

The patients can create beautiful tunes just with the help of his own eye movements. Eduardo Miranda, head of the interdisciplinary Centre for Computer Music Research at Plymouth University started an experiment about an year ago with a patient in a hospital at London. The positive response to the prototype gadget from the paralyzed patient encouraged him to take the project to higher level. The patient created the music just by looking at the icons. The new instrument is definitely a beautiful blend of technology and art and if realized on a larger scale, it will become phenomenal in making lives more beautiful.

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2 thoughts on “Paralyzed patients can create music with eye movements

  1. This device is really wonderful. Now the paralyzed patients can turn their entire emotions and thinkings into very nice tunes. Brain Computer Music Interface (BCMI) is such beautiful technology which encourages the paralyzed people to come out from their struggling life.

  2. This invention shows us what a human brain can do and reach to heights beyond our imaginations. So, why not give these differently able people a chance to create wonderful music. This is an interface provided for them to make their identity in this world, and prove that physical ability is not all we need but also mental ability!!

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