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Plan Collisions: Intel’s Skylake desktop processors could be delayed till August

Giant chip manufacturers Intel Corp. have reportedly delayed its code-named Skylake microprocessors for desktops and the new chips will not hit the market in mid-2015, as planned. Skylake is expected to be Intel’s first 14nm desktop part, backed with a range of new technologies and new chipsets. It is Intel’s next-generation CPU platform, following the existing Broadwell. Skylake is expected to boast with a brand-new micro-architecture and generally more advanced platform. Intel’s 100-series chipsets are expected to bring a number of innovations, such as official support for the SATA Express technology, for example. In addition, the Skylake chips will support DDR4 memory in addition to DDR3.

Skylake desktop processors

According to DigiTimes, Intel reportedly has informed its motherboard partners that it will delay the release of its 14nm Skylake desktop CPUs and corresponding 100-series chipsets to the end of August, compared to its original schedule set for the second quarter of 2015, according to sources in Taiwan’s motherboard industry. This delay is expected to affect PC makers’ production and shipment plans for Haswell Refresh and Broadwell-U series products and may also delay the development of Broadwell models with a TDP of 65W, the sources noted.

Skylake-based processors, originally expected to launch in early third-quarter 2015 to support the release of Windows 10-based notebooks is also expected to hurt demand for Windows 10 notebooks. If Intel starts to ship Skylake in late August, the majority of PCs based on the chips will become available only in October, whereas mass availability will occur during the holiday season claimed the web site. Rumors suggest that historically, Intel has tried to avoid any competition between different product lines and hence the reason for delay!!

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