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President Obama kicks off Hour of Code event

Technology is all around us. From internet to smartphones to iPads to satellites, living without technology is just impossible. The basic of all computer functions is a code, also known as program. While most of us are well accustomed to using the by=products of technology, US President Barack Obama has urged each and every person to know and value the thing they are using. So learning codes is one way to endorse the creativity and innovative power of a person and at the same time, it will contribute to the benefits and progress of software technology as a whole. The movement to promote computer codes is known as the Hour of Code

President Obama kicks off Hour of Code event

The Hour of Code is a global movement for promoting computer code learning and sharing knowledge on computer codes in as many as 180 companies. Many of the countries in the world are still not technically sound enough. So this Hour of Code provides you the basic knowledge about computer programming and let you nurture the computer scientist in you. The Hour of Code program is designed in such a way that a child from 4 years can understand coding. Several analogy with real life situations and algorithms are taught so that students can learn the real life applications of coding.

Technology giants like Microsoft, Apple and Google are actively participating in the program and working exhaustively on the workshops. Bill Gates and Twitter’s Jack Dorsey have been made Hour of Code ambassadors and they are spreading the word via YouTube.

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