Rip DVD 2018: Why you should pick this level-3 Hardware Accelerated DVD ripper?

In this era of fast evolution of technology, almost every day one technology becomes obsolete and is replaced by another one. Gone are the days when people used to buy DVDs of their favourite movies, favourite singer’s music albums and rock music albums. Now most of the latest movies and music videos launch in YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime and other such subscriptions. People are slowly forgetting the glory of DVDs. As the hype with DVD is gone, now everyone is keen in converting their DVD disc to digital formats to store them in their smartphones and PCs.

This is the practical need of people nowadays regarding their media files. Now, if you talk about converting a DVD to digital hardware processing, one important technology that deserved to be discussed in hardware acceleration. Hardware acceleration is an indispensable. Hardware acceleration is a complex technology but I aim to explain it in the simplest way possible. It is nothing but deploying hardware components of a computer was efficiently as possible in delivering functions that is otherwise not smoothly performed by software. Usually software applications are designed in such a way that it can support in a plethora of devices starting from a low end device to a high end device. Some components of the hardware to perform the function of acceleration. Those components are called hardware accelerated. There are several types of accelerators like 3D accelerator, cryptographic accelerator, Level 1, 2 ,3 accelerators and so on.

level-3 Hardware Accelerated DVD ripper

GPU-based Hardware acceleration boosts the DVD video processing speed to manifold times. The primary function of a hardware accelerator is to unload  compute-intensive operations from CPU to GPU through the specific API / SDK for performing video encoding decoding processes smoothly.

Here, we have reviewed the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum which is equipped with Level 3 hardware acceleration that multiplies processing speeb by 50%. Level 3 acceleration consists of hardware encoder, hardware decoder and hardware processing. Level 3 acceleration takes care of the image and video quality, so that the content doesn’t get degraded.

  • Level-1: Rip DVD only makes use of hardware encoder to cut down processing time.
  • Level-2:  Increase DVD ripping speed by hardware decoder and encoder
  • Level-3:  Utilize all hardware encoder, hardware decoder and hardware processing to attain the maximum speed.
level-3 Hardware Accelerated DVD ripper

In the following few lines , I am jotting down the steps of installing and using the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum used to rip DVD.

1. First you need to download WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.  As the .exe file downloads, run it to start installation process. Select the language of your choice. Click OK. As the setup file opens, click Next to continue.

level-3 Hardware Accelerated DVD ripper installation

2. Next, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions. Check the Accept option. Follow the easy instructions and hit the Install button when it appears. The installation completes in a jiffy. Click Finish.

3. If you have purchased a new license, then enter the license number, else continue with the free version.

level-3 Hardware Accelerated DVD ripper installation

4. The user interface looks like this:

getting started

The getting started panel is your workspace. You can see the three simple steps which are all that you need to convert a DVD to a digital format.  Load your DVD that you want to rip. Then choose the output format very carefully.

level-3 Hardware Accelerated DVD ripper output profile

Now simply hit on the Run button.

Video conversion is accomplished very quickly, thanks to the Level-3 hardware acceleration. However, ripping time depends on the content, resolution and many other factors. The WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is super fast, flexible and versatile. It can readily convert DVDs without any loss. It’s indeed recommendable top users looking for DVD ripping software applications.

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