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Starting a newspaper is not a complicated thing and, besides that, has multiple advantages for growing children interest towards school’s activities and its performance.

Many know that the child spends about 4 to 5 hours per day (in college he will spend even more) together with a group of colleagues and the teacher, many will find in school another big family. Of course, this implies a different environment, new rules, and relationships, rivalries and affinities. In fact, the younger student is beginning to experience social life in a real way – so far, he has only experienced his family and kindergarten interaction. And he will have to learn many life hacks for easy studying to complete the school without any problems.

In order for a child to assimilate the information that is offered to his school and the experiences he has in the group of colleagues, he needs first of all physical safety. After he has become confident he will not be judged over his attitude, the child needs to be stimulated to explore the subjects he is studying. To get even more information and memorize it requires training and creativity, new responsibilities every day, roles and tasks that shape self-esteem and give him new outlines (class leader, responsible for checking the topics, class tutor, responsible for the list of speakers during classes, writing to school’s newspaper).

What are the advantages of a newspaper?

The modern newspaper is current, draws attention, and it is clearly structured. In the same way, it contains news which is not too long, concise, support materials, reports, photos, and, in the case of online appearance, has some interaction methods with its readers. The modern newspaper meets the expectations of its readers while being credible, truthful and focused on facts.  Living in a world which is in a constant change, we need to adapt to the ways of communicating with the others. Social media and online tools are stronger and stronger, becoming the main way of finding and sharing information; having this incredible tool, all the procedures for creating a school newspaper is even easier.

In recent years, online news sources are accessible to almost everyone, so a significant percentage of news left the traditional paper-based newspapers, focusing on the online sites which are cheaper and more current world. If we look deeper, we can see a wide range of newspapers, magazines, publications which are waiting to be found by their reader, while information in the online grows each day more and more.

The news is the truthful and credible information that may be the object of public interest, and which is written with respect for ethic and journalistic deontology. There is a lot of information spread around the world. However, not all of them become news. The information which becomes news needs to be of interest, to have news value, that is, from its content, influence because they enrich their experience, knowledge. We all know that this characteristic is a strong value.

What does a newspaper editor do?

After creating the project of a newspaper, you need to know that a team should bring up. Of course, you need writers and… an editor. As can be understood from the name itself, he has the role of editing – more accurately adapting textual content or other content that accompanies a text to the audience of a site or publication. He leads a team of children who are writing for the college newspaper and thinks about the editorial strategy. Its function should not be confused with simple text editing – that is, correcting possible mistakes.

The main responsibilities of an editor are:

  •     To analyze the needs of the public and to find topics that they are or would be interested in, thus satisfying the current reader’s needs and also attracting a larger audience;
  •     To disseminate topics for writers (reporters, editors, content writers, copywriters), along with various specifications such as angle of approach, the tone of voice, and so on;
  •     To plan future topics to be published;
  •     To ensure that a certain content complies with certain quality standards: be grammatically written, be truthful, consistent and so on;
  •     To edit the content so that it is easier for audiences to understand, namely: remove redundant or irrelevant information and capitalize on the important ones;
  •     To provide feedback to writers according to the desired requirements in proposing the subject in relation to their outcome.

It is the publisher who decides whether or not to publish a textual content, being the one to authorize the publishing operation.

How to split between hobby and school obligations?

Of course, whenever the writer has a specific problem he can use some custom thesis writing service. Many choose to do so because having school activities (to study and to prepare projects for different classes), many find quite difficult to adapt to a second “job”. However, there is no need to worry.

Some benefits of a school newspaper are indeed to structure, to select and to understand from short information some important ideas. We do not even have to go back to it in the past, not too distant, to find that the habits of reading the newspaper, consuming news, how to obtain information, and as a result, the processes of producing newspapers and magazines news are improving someone attention.

All in all, a newspaper will change your life, but in a positive way. You will gain information and learn how to write better – for sure your school’s grades will be better if you join the newspaper team!


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