Undertale Creator Toby Fox Releases Mysterious Game Deltarune


Toby Fox, the creator of the popular game Undertale, has released a mysterious game called “Deltarune” on the occasion of Halloween. The name Deltarune is an anagram of Undertale. This instigates a curiosity if Deltarune is actually a sequel of Undertale. Well, it can be a sequel or just a new game. The game can be played over Windows PC or Mac absolutely free.

Creator Toby Fox launched the teaser of the game via Twitter. He tweeter, “For those who completed ‘UNDERTALE’ it’s really important that you check @UNDERTALE 24 hours from now” . He also added “I want to make something new, and it all begins with your feedback. A Windows PC / MacOSX PC is needed.”

Check out his tweet:

Next, he launched several cryptic tweets, mainly of Windows 10 platforms. As you know, Windows 10 has pushed its Windows Defender security a bit further so as to prevent any third party gaming apps to be installed simply. So, Fox gave a brief troubleshooter through his Tweets:

The game resembles a lot like Undertale. The actual characters of Undertale will also make an appearance. It seems, the game has been launched on purpose to celebrate Halloween.

Download the game here.

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