SKIMO TV trims a long video into a six minute short video

SKIMO TV trims a long video into a six minute short video

People are busy these days and even if they have every resource of entertainment but lack time. Hence even though there is a lot of exciting movies and series available we can’t watch all of them thoroughly. Fortunately a company has come up with a solution that can condense large videos into compact small ones that would contain only the interesting and highlight parts. The solution is provided by SKIMO TV. This startup is founded by Vasu Srinivasan and Dave Penny, ex Motorola employees.

SKIMO TV trims a long video into a six minute short video

From now on you won’t need to skip parts of a video to see the highlights. The application will do it for you. Now if you are wondering how can the app condense the videos featuring the important parts then it is to inform you that every video or movie contains a signature that implies an important scene. SKIMO TV scans this signature and skims the video keeping those parts. So technically a 20 minute long video can be broken into a short video of duration 2-3 minutes.

SKIMO is compatible with iOS and editing can be done using your iPhone. SKIMO TV platform comprises of Skimo Engine and the Skimo Middleware. They provide certain advantages to users. According to the SKIMO TV official website the following benefits are offered.

” Engage: Skimo TV Platform improves user engagement by enabling users to catch-up TV show highlights from anywhere.

Adapt: Skimo TV Platform discovers the effective Skimo by monitoring user behavior and “re-skimo”s automatically the ignored ones.

Optimize: Skimo TV Platform optimizes the content library by recognizing the unique needs of the content providers’ user segments.”

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