Sygic: The GPS app now covers the entire planet except Antarctica
Sygic: The GPS app now covers the entire planet except Antarctica

Sygic: The GPS app now covers the entire planet except Antarctica

Sygic is a GPS application that provides Maps for navigating in offline mode. The company announced today that the app has integrated 88 new countries to their Map service. This completes the list of every country included in the United Nations. Users can now get Maps of each and every place on the earth except some places and the continent of Antarctica. Sygic is a Slovakian company that is aiming to change the face of navigation application.


Daniela Zelinova, a spokesperson from Sygic says that there are certain zones which are outside its coverage. The places which will not be available to users for navigation are the Aland Islands off the coast of Finland, the continent of Antarctica, Heard Island and the McDonald Islands, a group of barren Antarctic islands near Australia, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, and Svalbard and Jan Mayen, a pair of islands near Norway.

Sygic will be a paid application which means you will need to pay in dollars to get the Map. If you are wondering why would someone prefer a newbie paid app like Sygic over the globally acclaimed Google Maps, Apple Map, Here etc, then the company has their answer for you. It says, that users can download the map for use in offline mode and the maps will consume less memory as compared to the popular location services.

“I know that Google introduced its offline maps, but users are still not able to drive from LA to San Francisco with that,” replied Zelinova. Sygic can download a whole state of the United States for 330 MB only. So the memory efficiency is the prime factor of keeping it a paid app.

Keeping aside its advantages over other Location services, the high price may be an obstruction towards its progress.

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