Internet Explorer 11 Now Surpasses Chrome And Firefox

IE 11 Now Surpasses Chrome And Firefox

The most current web browser from Microsoft, i.e., Internet Explorer 11 has now become the widely used browser in the world. Statistics from an analyst firm Net Applications show that the usage graph of the IE 11 has climbed to reach the number 1 position among all the browsers. The

How to Reset Firefox to Default? – 3 different ways

Reset Firefox to Default

This article will show you how to totally reset Firefox to a default state again, or reset Firefox and also backing up your bookmarks, browsing history, passwords and Web form auto-complete data. Steps to Reset Firefox to Default using a .bat File 1. If you have not done, you will require to

How to Start Firefox in Safe Mode?

Start Firefox in Safe Mode

Firefox possesses a "Safe Mode" function, which is somewhat similar to the Windows "Safe Mode". It gives you the freedom you to disable add-ons, toolbars, temporarily or permanently etc. This can be useful if you are rectifying problems (e.g. defective add-ons). Actions that you can do in "Safe Mode" 1) Disable