Can Utopia P2P Ecosystem Guarantee Web Privacy?

Starting as a place for freedom of speech, the Internet is no longer a safe environment. Governments legislated the web espionage, while hackers take advantage of this. Today sensitive data costs a lot more than oil. Data brokers handle, analyze, and sell everything you upload online or interact with: texts, bios, media, etc. Trackers and fraudulent apps monitor every single step to contribute to marketing researches and targeted ads. The more you sensitive data you indicate, the more influential corporations become. Is it possible to start from scratch online and stop the invasion of privacy? 

Yes! And we share the solution is this review. Soon you will learn what Utopia P2P ecosystem is and how to gain crypto online four times an hour. Stay tuned to the end! 

 Utopia P2P ecosystem – let’s get acquainted! 

Blockchain technology is the most up-to-date mechanism ensuring web security and freedom. We are proud to point out that Utopia is built on the most sophisticated encryption algorithm. The high-speed Elliptic Curve25519 protects all actions, and 256-bit AES secures the internal storage. No doubt the in-built uMessenger, uMail, uWallet, Idyll Browser, and Mining Bot will protect you from the data leakage due to the following upper hands: 

  • The elimination of a central server. The ecosystem is decentralized, which means the data warehouse doesn’t exist. Law institutions, hackers, and other intruders won’t get the data you exchange in-app. Messages, media, transactions are available only to a sender and a receiver. 
  • Anonymity on every stage. From the registration to everyday use, your identity is anonymous. Users don’t reveal their names, addresses, phone number, or email. They indicate one another by secret keys they obtain when signing up.
  • All-in-one functionality. Utopia protects all possible routine online activities and payments in crypto thanks to builts-in. In-house chats, emails, contact lists, and a wallet can be organized in one window when turning on the Hybrid Mode. 
  • Rewards are guaranteed. The team pays back in local currency every time you use the ecosystem. You expand the network, enjoy secure communication, and get money – discover how to do this below! 

A brief overview of the Utopia kit

uMessenger. The domestic chat room will surprise you with the security you won’t find among the analogs. The encryption works by default for all interactions: text messages, calls, group and read-only chats, file transfers. uMessenger is a sound tool for businesses and individuals who transmit sensitive data. Bloggers run channels to share fair newsfeed with masses worldwide.

Such extensions as games, image viewer, and stickers make the conversations funny and engaging! 

uMail. Encrypted mailing service is an outspoken alternative to widely-used emails that are regularly hacked. The condition ensuring security is that users email only to the members who registered on Utopia. uMail is comfortable for business correspondence thanks to Templates. Use this tool to create a layout for routine letters and speed up the interactions. Remember to enable Hybrid Mode to manage emails in combine with chats, contacts, and a wallet! 

Idyll browser. The local browser is an instrument to view the pages registered on Utopia. Contrasting to Chrome and other popular software, Idyll doesn’t monitor your private data and activities: IPs, passwords, the history of searches are secure. Utopia allows you to create a site without a particular experience. Enjoy the fast page loads in combine with security!  

uWallet. The in-house wallet is a feature-rich financial tool; the team issued the local coins that facilitate all operations. You can design a customized crypto card in seconds! As soon as the balance is replenished, users transfer coins to one another, buy goods is crypto and see the actual balance. Transactions are instant and never require a Private Key to be revealed. If you trade in crypto, sign up as a merchant and benefit! 

To sum up, Utopia encrypted environment is an aggregated kit for various web actions. You are welcome to download Utopia desktop to experience full privacy and anonymity on the Internet. 

Get paid and stay protected! 

Anik is an IT professional and Data Science Enthusiast. He loves to spend a lot of time testing and reviewing the latest gadgets and software. He likes all things tech and his passion for smartphones is only matched by his passion for Sci-Fi TV Series.