Top 10 Practical Blogging Trends You Need to Follow in 2019

Top 10 Practical Blogging Trends You Need to Follow in 2019

Whether you’re a blogging beginner or a highly experienced webmaster, you should constantly adapt to the marketplace’s dance. If you’re about to start a blog, know that competition’s everywhere. Statistics show it quite clearly.

There are over 1,6 billion websites worldwide and over 500 million blogs that generate over 2 million blog posts each day. However, this is an approximation. The real number is probably much bigger, yet we’ll never know.

Now bear with me…

If you go to Google and type any keyword you want, you’ll get 10 organic search results. Out of all blogs and websites, only 10 get featured. Generally, it’s the first three spots that get the most attention, while the rest “grab” the rests.

Blogging is not entirely a Google-related activity. Its purposes go beyond that. Most companies use blogs to improve their brand’s recognition and reputation through content. 

Regardless of your occupation, staying up to speed with today’s blogging trends is a great way to ensure your competitive advantage. 

In today’s post, we’ll explore the top 10 practical blogging trends that should be on top of your mind in 2019.

Long-Form Content is King

Recent reports suggest that long-form content generates more traffic than short-form content. Blogs that focus their attention and energy on publishing longer content receive more social shares and more recognition from the search engines. 

This double benefit should be reaped by every professional blog in 2019. Remember: long-form content will only damage your brand’s reputation if it lacks value and relevancy. Nobody likes reading regurgitated content that lacks essence and passion.

Quality is Way More Appreciated than Quantity

In 2019, there are two blog trends, or two types of blogs: those that focus on quality, and those that focus on quantity. You need to pick a side, though I’d highly suggest you go for the quality.

Nowadays, there’s an overflow of content on the web. Standing out represents a lot of effort, strategy, and commitment. That’s the only way to “stay alive” in today’s fierce blog marketplace.

If you choose to outsource content, think in terms of quality of quantity. Here’s a quick short story:

Last year, by the time I was still blogging, I was outsourcing content from a cheap essay writing service in UK to increase the frequency of my publishing schedule.

It all worked out for some time, though it backfired in just a few months. I got both Google penalizations and lots of partially negative comments. The lesson? You get what you give!

Frequency is Extremely Important

Studies prove that over 68% of bloggers publishing blog content on a daily basis manifest a higher performance and reach better results. Positioning your branded content and brand image in the marketplace is getting harder and harder.

For that reason, your publishing frequency is extremely important. It allows you to emphasize how dedicated you are to provide consistent value and how serious you are about your brand’s mission statement.

Roundup Posts are Trendy and Highly Beneficial

A roundup post is a special type of content that seems to be very popular in 2019. Neil Patel, a highly recognized blogger and marketer shows how roundup posts can potentially skyrocket your brand’s results and take your reach to “the next level”.

As for some examples, you can check out these expert roundup post examples. They were successful, and you can learn a lot from them. 

Video Becomes Even More Important

According to Wyzowl studies, over 70% of surveyed internet users say that they’ve shared at least one branded video in their life. The same recent reports show that 72% of businesses perceive video marketing campaigns as a huge conversion rate booster in 2019. 

What does that mean to you? Well, depending on your business type, goals, and audience, find a way to tap into the power of video marketing. There are many types of video formats, you just need to choose one.

Simplicity in Design Works Best

In 2019, UX (user experience) is a highly critical factor. The experiences that your blog visitors are marking your level of success as a brand. Simpler put, your content should have a very nice cover. Perceive your blog like a book cover – if the first impression is good, you’ll probably start reading. If it’s clogged with details and looks too “detailed”, you might postpone it.

Give your blog users a good reason to spend time on your platform. Make sure you’re not intrusively promoting your products or services, simplify your design to give users mental space, and leverage the power of white space.

There’s Room Only for the Passionate

Since there are so many people who start blogging as we you’re reading this post, new competitors will suddenly knock at your door. 

The high competition in the blogging environment forces every blogger to improve his game. If you love what you do and inflict passion in what you do, you’ll be at the top. If not, your blog will probably be overshadowed.

Digital Marketing is Becoming Harder

Another problem with the rising competition is that digital marketing becomes harder. Not just to learn (due to the overload of regurgitated educational information) but also to apply successfully. 

For example, if you want to get in the SEO game in the weight loss niche, you have 0,0001% chances of reaching the 1st page in the next 50 years. That’s my subjective estimation. Why?

Because digital marketing is already an “old game”, where the “old professionals” still rule. Does it mean that digital marketing is no longer important? Quite the contrary!

Influencer Marketing is Still Underrated

Influencer marketing is an underrated strategy!

Social media influencers (even the ones who have 5000-10000 followers) area great source of organic traffic. As a blogger, I’d highly recommend you build genuine relationships with influential people in your niche. 

As you network and grow your connections list, you’ll be able to consistently boost your blog’s content reach every time you wish to do so.

Branding, UX, and Customer Care are Top Priorities

If you’re a blogger in 2019, the competition will force you to focus on several aspects. Three of them are branding, UX, and customer care. They’re very much related, yet they are separate concepts. 

Here’s a simple thing to keep in mind: if your blog visitors have positive feelings while entering, browsing, and reading your blog posts, you’re doing it right. Blogs and sites that offer high-quality customer care will often help users have a pleasant experience.

Experience is linked to emotions, while emotions are linked to opinions. Therefore, keep improving your branding, develop better content, keep your design neat, and help your users thrive!


Today’s blog trends or…better said… today’s content marketing trends are influencing the entire digital marketing environment and its everchanging dance. 

The more you acknowledge the importance and necessity of keeping yourself up to speed the more you’ll be able to effectively adapt through time and position your blog properly by generating some real impact. Best of luck!

BIO: Harry Southworth is a digital marketer and blogger who works independently ever since he graduated from college. His remote lifestyle allows him to travel the world while contributing to various blogs and magazines. His motto in life is: “failure is merely a subset of feedback”.