Ways to make the most out of your old books

Books hold a special place in our hearts. Books are amongst the most basic substances that help a man achieve greatness in life. While reading for leisure is highly recommended, one cannot overlook the importance of academic books either.


Academic workbooks and texts lay the foundation of a child’s career. But once a student has passed the grade, there is always huge deliberation about what next to do with the books. While most just end up piling them in corners, maximum people fail to reap benefit out of them. Here is a chance for you to make the most out of your academic books and put them to great use.

old books

We have tried to enumerate the best ways to make the most out of old academic books. If you are looking for suggestions, here is where your search ends!


  • Giving away books for charity

There is nothing more noble than contributing to the future of mankind. Here is your chance to do your bit by giving away your academic books to charity. There are several online and offline avenues where you can send across your books. Across the globe several students across academic standards are looking for aids to help them complete their education.

  • Selling books online

Booksrun.com is an amazing platform that helps you to sell your academic books online. The process is extremely simple and easy to execute. With drop down menus to aid you in the complete process, this is an option that will leave you richer. You can sell your books at extremely competitive prices on Booksrun.com. Alongside you don’t have to worry about delivery or dispatch of payment as this is done through a reliable and convenient method.

  • Reusing the books for future generations

While syllabus and area of study may evolve and change there is always scope for using these books to increase general knowledge. Since they cover varied academic subjects, they can be used as an excellent medium to advance knowledge in a particular field. Academic books also have great memories associated with them of the golden era of childhood. These books can be kept as a symbol of goodwill too.

  • Using the books for preparation for competitive exams

Most competitive exams test students on their intelligence quotient. This is based on their approach towards problems and analytical abilities. Academic books can serve as a great option to advance one’s IQ and improve it. Be it the SATs or GRE/GMAT; during the preparation of all of these, students are advised to revise from their academic school books. This is a great chance to put your academic books to use or gift them to someone who may need it.


They say books do not have an age, they are eternal. Thus, there can never be a book which is of no use anymore. All that is required is to look at them with a fresh perspective. There is definitely going to be a way around to put books to use.



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