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Top 10 Technology Trends of 2013

The usual plan of 80s is to sit in the warmth of the sun on an arm chair and think about the good old days that one left behind and experience the nostalgia. But wait a minute!! Aren’t we experiencing the same nostalgia in a span of every 5 to 10 years?? Yes we are. 10 years back the words Apple and Blackberries created an image of fruits in one’s mind. Now on their mention, people have to be specified that it’s the FRUIT they are talking about. As they say, “Change is the only constant”, we don’t even realize how, when and where we are constantly adapting ourselves to these changes. But it’s evident. Right from Wikipedia which is a mere boon for the lazy students to the metamorphosis in the way of texting. Wel I hope u r still comfy reading this ?? Transformation is omnipresent. And as the time proceeds further, even while you are reading this, the rate of this transformation is increasing. And so if you are thinking that just 10 years are pushing you to the nostalgic zone, well brace yourself!! With the speed at which Trend is running, even last year is going to give you the “Ohh those were some simpler times” sigh.. Let’s quickly go through what 2013 is prepared to bestow us with.

1. Big Data says “Hello”:

Big Data is going to be the basis of everything this year. Right from NoSql databases to innovatory business analytics platforms Big Data will be seen everywhere. Although this has been announced a few years back but wasn’t implemented. This year since it has received a mass demand and acceptance from the customers, it is more likely to get revealed in a better way in 2013.

2. Tablet gets handy:

Remember the time, not so long back, when every house had a desktop irrespective of whether they need it or not. The same time is going to revisit but this year with Tablets. Tablets are going to get more handy and available with common man.

3. Frequent HR Software Disruptions:

This year is about to witness a drastic change in the Human Resource Management via technology. Many companies are about to declare their huge innovations making in the technological market related to Human Resource Management making the job boards more communicative and engaging.

4. Marketing technologies gets innovative:

The new generation this year is all set to bloom with many creative and intelligent marketing technologies which will dominate over the larger firms. Marketing companies like Sendgrid, Sailthru and Marketfish are on the verge of achieving their goal of re-targeting, high delivery volume, high content optimization value etc.

5. New Content Platforms:

With the rise of social media usage raises the probability of new content platforms. The most evident example of that is Linkedln which has proven itself over and over again where many recognized people from various fields have shared some great contents related to business oriented network.

6. Wearable Computing:

These days people get bored with technologies real soon and are always in a want for more. Just smartphones aren’t enough, and so comes the demand of making the smartphone even smarter. This job is considered as done by Google’s 3D Glasses. Although it’s in a bit of controversy lately, but one can surely see it paving its way through in the market.

7. Niche Social Networks:

Although Facebook did leave behind other promising social networks such as Orkut, MySpace etc. But it needs to come up with some new features frequently as the users are not so much up for the monotonous posting, commenting thing. In the year 2013 many small custom networks are likely to use Facebook’s login mechanism for better profits.

8. Personal Cloud

Cloud Computing this year will peep into people’s daily routines and stay. It will replace the idea of people choosing PC to store their personal contents, files and folders. The cloud-based devices will slowly sink in the day to day lives of human beings in 2013.

9. IT’s human side:

IT’s main job is to work on the projects of a business firm at the software level. But since we are heading towards a more digital world each day, companies in 2013 will be seen giving more time to the software portions required for their product in order to satisfy the end users.

10. Internet of Things:

The physical world this year is going to get fused into a bit more digital world with the flow of information getting handier from real time camera to Googling things. 2013 is yet to see some more of technology in the air and is about to get a tad bit more dependent on it.

Trend is a very controversial term. If taken too personally it brings dilemma often followed by gloomy nostalgia. And if accepted practically it brings just smiles and happy nostalgic moments. It is essential for every human being to adapt oneself with change if they want to cherish every precious moment they earn in this life. And isn’t it a boon if you are pre notified about these changes? You get enough time to prepare yourself for it. Tech Entice just granted you with the boon. Have a TECHNOFUL 2013!!

Aurisha Sengupta is a Software Engineer. Apart from technology, she is an insatiable art lover and a perpetual student when it comes to knowledge in any form.