speed up windows 7

How to speed up Windows 7?

This article will help you to speed up Windows 7 system. Microsoft Windows 7 gets installed with a lot of stuffs packed together irrespective of the compatibility of the system, so we need to manage the unnecessary settings according to our needs. Settings such as Visual and Sound Settings can really affect your system a lot. Minimizing the Visual and Sound effects, the performance of Windows 7 can be enhanced.
Unnecessary Software are also responsible for slowing down a PC and many more reasons can cause Windows 7 to slow down. To keep your Windows 7 fast and run smoothly follow these few steps:-

Customize Visual Settings

1. Open My Computer and click on System Properties on the top.

System Properties

2. In the System Properties click on the Advanced System Properties in the left sidebar.

Advanced Settings.jpg

3. Click on the Settings button under the Performance Label.

Performance Settings

4. Now, either select the “Adjust for best performance” or select “Custom” and select the needed visual effects eliminating the unused effects.

Performance Options.jpg

Keep Essential Software only

1. Goto Control Panel and click on Uninstall a Program.

Uninstall a program

2. From the complete list delete all the unwanted software that you might have installed but not used.

3. Finally, do not install unwanted and un-trusted software as they might hamper your system’s performance.

Turn off unwanted Windows Features

1. Goto Control Panel and click on Programs.

Click Programs

2. Now, click Turn Windows Feature on or off.

Turn Windows Features On/Off

3. Over there deselect the unused features. Suppose you do not use Internet Explorer then just deselect it and restart the computer.
Windows Features

4.Press OK

Disable unwanted startup programs

1. In the start menu search bar type System Configuration and press enter.

System Configurations

2. Goto the Startup tab and deselect the unwanted startup programs and press enter.

Deselect unwanted programs

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