Top 10 Technology Trends of 2013

technology trendz 2013

The usual plan of 80s is to sit in the warmth of the sun on an arm chair and think about the good old days that one left behind and experience the nostalgia. But wait a minute!! Aren't we experiencing the same nostalgia in a span of every 5 to

10 ways to improve Website Traffic

increase traffic of your blog

Blogging is the only field where Traffic is welcomed. In fact the more the better is the main objective of a publisher when he plans to inaugurate a website. But why would readers choose to stay glued to your blog? What subject is yet untouched and not so talked about

Internet Explorer 11 features WebGL

IE 11 WebGl

The 2013 world that we breathe in today, is heading fast towards being a holographic sphere. And why not? When Narendra Modi, The Chief Minister of Gujarat, can use holograms to promote his party for the elections then why would the other fields lag behind? Believe it or not today

10 Biggest Facebook Secrets

Facebook Secrets

There was a time when solitude had its own charm and beauty and where display of emotions was a private affair which held its dignity therein. Family planning was something that was done within the four walls but thanks to the social media, people now discuss babies publicly within the

7 Ways to get backlinks for your site

Google Backlinks

Backlink, as discussed earlier in Important SEO Terms, is an important aspect related to Search Engine Optimization. Gaining backlinks for the site undoubtedly increases the position of the site in the Page Rank chart of Google. And even a toddler is aware of some of the ways to gain numerous

10 Ways To Improve Your PageRank

Increase Page RAnk

Tech Entice has explicitly discussed Page Rank in detail while discussing various other SEO terminologies. For those who couldn't recall or skipped the article here is where you can retrieve it from and for those who are aware of it let's start off with the ways of improving it

Could this be the end of Computer Viruses?

End of computer virus

While technology is taking over the responsibility of a man's daily routine from tip to toe, one really can't afford spending time worrying about the viruses penetrating into the system and wrecking the processing thereby creating havoc. A California based startup called Bromium developed a software named vSentry that can

Through the Google Glass

Google Glass

We all remember little Alice and her Looking Glass fantasy from the fiction, Through the Looking Glass. Well, the way Lewis Carroll designed a beautifully imaginative replica of Alice's Wonderland, even Google poured in some life into the already existing life through technology by introducing its stunning and sparkling new

Some Essential SEO Terms you should know (Part-2)

some important SEO terms

As promised earlier, Tech Entice is back with the job of introducing the fresh innovating bloggers and writers to the remaining terminologies relevant with SEO. For the ones who missed the earlier post, here is where you can retrieve it from. So let's continue the voyage. 1.

10 Best Free Android Action Games so far – March, 2013

Free Android Action Games

After reading, watching and listening to the epic fictions like the Batman, Spiderman, Tintin, Superman etc, every human being once in his entire life says to himself , "Wish i had those superpowers!!!".. And imagine how stupendous such an experience would be where one can jump off a building, lift

10 Topics that Pay High in Google Adsense

best topics for adsense

With an expanding population of bloggers, increases a sheer curiosity to hunt for various tips to gain revenue for their blogs. And despite of innumerous alternatives, one is always attracted the most to Google's AdSense. Tech Entice has already discussed, what you need to check before applying for AdSense. We

10 Best Android Apps to maintain your blog

android apps for bloggers

The prime reason why the world we are heading towards is called the Tech World is because of its contribution to every single area connected with a social animal. One such small area amidst a spate of areas is the upliftment of Bloggers. There has been a sudden increase in

Essential SEO Terms you should know (Part-1)

Search Engine Optimization

With internet being the most essential commodity used by this generation, everyday there is an increasing number of bloggers popping up contributing to any kind and amount of knowledge that they can impart via blogs and gain some fortune for it. And Search Optimization Engine or SEO plays a very

Do’s and Don’ts of Guest Posting For Major Sites

Guest Posting

No creature on the planet is born famous but every creature is born with a talent based on an innate passion. And if WRITING is that passion, then there is some real good news. We expect one to be well aware of the sites like Huffington Post, Business Insider etc.

Facebook Vs. Google Plus – Battle for the Crown

google plus vs. facebook

Facebook initiated the trend of social networking following which a gamut of similar applications entered the market. But unfortunately those which followed could not survive. Even Google long back tried to enter with a BANG named Orkut and did divert many youngsters to it, but yet again failed to survive.

Amazing but little known features of Google – (Part – II)

Google features you should know

As promised, Tech Entice continues enlisting the unusual fun features of Google. In case if you have missed the first part, you can read it here. Google has always been putting its nerdy and geeky knowledge into applications and the moment it started clicking, it only reached skies. When Tech

10 best Free Android Casual Games so far – January, 2013

best adroid casual games 2013

No matter how older one gets with age, the child in every man never agrees to leave. And no matter how much one is beheld as a man of wisdom, poise and intellect when it comes to GAMES one surrenders merrily. And Android pretty well knows how to fill these

Expect Labs announces Anticipatory Computing Engine (ACE)


How has technology benefitted the generation of this century at its best by far? The most obvious and common answer expected is, "Each and everything is just a click away". Well yes, of course. Today all we need is to feed some search engines with a few text queries and