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What To Consider When Choosing an SEO Reseller?

What To Consider When Choosing an SEO Reseller?

As an SEO agency, you have to deliver consistent and high-quality SEO results for your clients. While you may have the expertise to do that, you might be overwhelmed when you have several clients at the same time. 

Enter: SEO resellers. These companies deliver ready-made SEO packages for you to sell to your clients. Choosing the right SEO reseller, however, can be tricky. Read on to learn a few tips on selecting the right one. 

Do Your Research 

The job of the SEO reseller is to work in the background and deliver much better results than you can – but you still get to take credit for it. Any SEO company worth its salt is likely to have good relationships with other publishers and editors and does not struggle to get good quality backlinks. 

The right SEO reseller should be able to provide services like content creation, page optimization, keyword research and anything else that is focused on giving you the best service possible. So before you put your business into the hands of any SEO company, check their website and see what kind of services they have to offer. Redesign is an excellent place to start. 

Black or White Hat

Search engines like Google and Yahoo have specific guidelines that SEO experts must follow when optimizing a website. However, there will be a few companies that engage in sketchy practices that go against the rules. This is known as “black-hat SEO.” The opposite is “white-hat SEO,” whereby ethical means are used to provide services for you. 

The companies that use black-hat SEO strategies may promise you quick results that last only a short period of time. Although it may seem good at first, your website may get penalized or banned in the process as soon as it is detected. 

Black-hat techniques include keyword stuffing, duplicate content and irrelevant guest posting. Once you notice any of these on the websites the company worked on, you should refrain from doing business with them. 

Ask what specific practices they use to provide service to clients. Whether they use ethical or unethical means should be your top concern. 

Check Their History

Before you settle on a particular SEO company, you should find out about their background and track record. You can do this by checking their website for information about how they started and where they are now. 

You can also reach out to them and ask questions. This helps you determine their level of quality service. It can give you a glimpse of how well you can trust them with your work.

Once you check their history and you are satisfied, you will have more confidence to partner with them. 

Communication Is Key 

Reach out to the company you want to partner with and ask the necessary questions. Do they have experience with working with another company in your field? You can ask any question you want answered through email, video chat or even in-person.

These queries will give you a lot of information about how they communicate, how they handle queries and their response times. Do they value their clients’ time? How professional are they? These questions will be answered with this first-hand experience based on how they handle communication with prospective clients. 

Know What You Want 

You do not have to be SEO-savvy to outsource your SEO, but you should have a general idea of what you want from the company. Whether you want to improve your branding or you want to engage more users, it helps to have specific goals in mind from the outset.  

There are a lot of SEO reseller companies to choose from. These tips will help you narrow them down and make the right choice that is suitable for you.