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Why A Fat Wallet Causes Back Pain ?

According to the American chiropractic association, around 31 million Americans experience low back pain at some point in their life. Around 84 percent of the world population also experience the form of pain in life. The commonest cause of this pain, which is generally overlooked, is the large bulky wallet people place in their back pocket. Statistics also show that most Americans place their huge wallets in their back pockets for nine hours each day on average. In other words, each time they sit down, they are usually sitting on something hard.

How The Pain Develops ?

Health experts will tell you to avoid sitting for extended periods, but they never tell you that sitting on a huge wallet for extended periods is another health concern. In the modern world, you will find many people carrying their huge billfolds in their back pockets and they are unwilling to ditch them including after health professionals and doctors ask them to do that. Sitting on a wallet is more like walking with one shoe on and the other shoe off. The wallet will create an imbalance in the foundation each time you decide to sit on a flat surface. Moreover, it will place pressure over your piriformis muscle and the science sciatic notch and that alone adversely affects the sciatic nerve.

Sitting with a wallet in the back pocket will place physical stress on your lower spine – the muscles, ligaments, nerves and disks. If you checked the back pockets of most men, you will realize that one pocket is significantly worn out as opposed to the other one because of the increased friction from the billfold. 

Each time you sit on the wallet, it will tilt your pelvis and throw your alignment off, therefore, pinching your sciatic nerve and numbness and searing back pain. The condition that crops up is known as sciatica and if left untreated, it will be debilitating. The remedy is as simple as replacing the large back pocket wallet with a slim wallet that can fit in your front pocket or in your shirt pocket. Apart from eliminating the low back pain and reducing your medical expenses, such a wallet will keep your documents safe. 

The role of nerves that exist in the lower back area is to control and coordinate some of the large and strong muscles in your body – buttocks, legs, back and the core. Putting more pressure on the nerves may trigger an avalanche of mechanic problems in body and Sciatica is the commonest. By adopting a front pocket wallet, you will prevent sciatica from becoming chronic and reduce it. In other words, you should pay close attention to how you are carrying your purse and wallet. 

The Prevention Methods

After sciatica has reached a chronic state, you might experience debilitating pain that requires chiropractic treatment, physical therapy or even surgery. However, prevention is easy. To avoid the issues associated with sciatica, you just need to dump a few personal habits. Replace the large billfold with a slim front pocket wallet like Kinzd and limit your sitting time to 30 minutes. Or you can get a slim wallet on Carrywallet. If your work involves a lot of sitting, time the restroom and coffee break so that you can get enough movements in your thighs and hips. Try the pelvic tilt exercise to keep the hips in a position that will reduce stress on your low back nerves. Include exercises in your weekly schedule such as swimming, running and weight lifting.

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