Why Social Media Marketing Is The Best Business For Graduates?


It’s not a secret that a start of any career could be a tough path to trot as one may face the situations no one told in essay on “Is there a life after college graduation?”. However, the Instagram generation seems to have perks these days that will skyrocket their career in business without making one a protagonist of a college essay about depression. If you ever been told to unglue from the screen, chances are they didn’t quite understand you’ve already got the social media marketing importance for business, for example. Now, why it is a perfect start for the business adventure for any graduate who wants to avoid by all means the post-college depression?

Because You Know It…

As simple as that – because you, as a user, know how it works, what works, and what doesn’t. It is true that a 3-year-old knows more about technology than an average 50-something. Not talking ageism here but hey, the kids are getting smarter, and they acquire the novelties faster than anyone. Take setting up Skype for your grandma as an example.

…And You Know Them.

Students are a social category partly because of their status, partly due to the nature of young people to hang out together. And what is the best way to know about the preferences of the target audience if not spending time with them engaged in different activities? One can get a lot of useful information from the likes, shared posts, and the voice that appeals by simply deciding together what hashtag to put for the selfie or when next #bucketchallenge is going to be.

…And Those Guys Too.

How can you possibly not know Elon Musk, Dua Lipa, Trump memes, and gif hubs? One of the assets that a graduate has is that (s)he is linked to the pop culture, whether one wants that or not. You might not follow the trends or listen to Cardi B or follow #followme hashtag – your awareness of them is more than enough. Now can you imagine what you could achieve in marketing if you sample that to your SMM strategy? Yes, this is where we can start talking about money and influence.

It Brings Good Money (T&C Applied)

Marketing, especially SMM, is one of the highly-paid markets existed is one works hard enough to smell the upcoming trends and fashion, knows how to read big (and small) data and foresee the results of global political, economic, or climate change. In general, the more curious you are, the more you know about the industry, the more you earn for your knowledge. A perfect way to trade it, huh?

Plus, You Can Learn It Quickly…

The best part of doing SMM is that you don’t need to enroll at any university and spend extra money to learn A to Z of the field while struggling with that essay. Because it’s an everchanging variable, the best way to learn from is to go online and read from the pioneers. Many SMM managers are out there int he web already sharing their stories, do’s and don’ts, strategies, and trends. From your side, you’ll only need persistence, patience, and the will to learn.

…Not to Mention the Fun Events Organized by SMM Managers

Yes, they work hard to measure or increase the effectiveness of Social Media Marketing, but they also know how to throw a party that will be in anyone’s story on IG. After all, it is “social” for a reason, and what can get more organic traffic than something that’s fun to do?  So why don’t you try a work hard play harder lifestyle for a change to your college depression routine?

… And the Creative Side of It.

The thing with marketing is that…it’s never boring if it’s good. Because you know how people yawn when they receive yet another email with a super-duper amazing vacation deal, you understand why it won’t work. Like, ever. Sometimes the marketers forget that people need to be surprised to pay attention, not to mention the time spent on clicking the link in the spam/promotion email. How can you flip the switch? By understanding the evolution of the market, by experimenting with the narrative, by studying the humans’ behavior.

Have We Said About Your Own Business Yet?

Apart from an amazing possibility to jumpstart your career, the experience in SMM will benefit you if you decided to become a self-made (wo)man. By that time you’ll learn that marketing is 50% of success or 50% of failure in whatever you do, so coming up ready could boost the chances to succeed in the business. Isn’t it a good investment?

With so many advantages of going into SMM, one would need an important reason not to give it a try. And for know, we don’t see why you’d possibly not take that free course of SMM any open course platform offer. After all, who said you wouldn’t like it?

Anik is an IT professional and Data Science Enthusiast. He loves to spend a lot of time testing and reviewing the latest gadgets and software. He likes all things tech and his passion for smartphones is only matched by his passion for Sci-Fi TV Series.