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Xiaomi’s New Concept Smartphone Sports Quad-Curved Waterfall Display

Xiaomi is quite popular when it comes to showcasing interesting concept smartphones. Not every concept smartphone is manufactured and launched for common mass, but these are often manufactured in an exceedingly small number, for research purposes. Back in 2019, Xiaomi showcased Mi Mixed Alpha, which was also a concept phone. Now two years later Xiaomi has again brought up a concept smartphone, which will have screen not only at the front but on all the four edges. Xiaomi is calling 88-degree hyper court card waterfall display. The device looks absolutely crazy in the video launched by Xiaomi. If you are not very fond of edge display, then this will be a turn off for you and you can avoid reading this article. 

Xiaomi's New Concept Smartphone Sports Quad-Curved Waterfall Display

We have seen many curved edge screens in smartphones, both real and concept phones, but this one is the most challenging till date. Because it does not leave any space for any sports or speaker or buttons. So, you must be wondering where the manufacturer will set these ports? Actually, there won’t be any ports. This means everything will be wireless. According to Xiaomi, they are conceptualizing infinity display. But the video launched by Xiaomi shows cutouts at the four corners. While these cutouts do not make the phone infinite display, but it prevents from accidental touch by your palm support. 

As per reports from various sources, the waterfall display is the outcome of “countless breakthroughs in glass bending and laminating technology”. As Xiaomi said the concept smartphone “represents the sum of 46 groundbreaking patents.”

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