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The next Android One handset is rumored to be priced around Rs. 3000 INR

Android One was launched last year in India with a couple of low budget handsets but it could not make an impact on the audience. Hence Google has planned to Read more

Problems Android will have to face

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Problem Android has to face

With the rise of Android the shares of Google has rose high with Android alone having a global market share of 84.7 % whereas Chrome, the other operating system by Read more

android one, Moto e

While on one hand Google seems to look on track with Motorola on its next big screen Nexus device, on the other hand it is also trying to play even Read more

spice UNO Mi 498

Google’s new venture, Android One will make its way to India today, i.e. 15th of September. This new project was announced by Google at its annual I/O event. It objective Read more

Google Android One Smartphone has been leaked On Flipkart

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Android One device leaked on Flipkart

Leaks are inevitable for electronic gadgets and now India’s leading online retail shop Flipkart has been the reason behind a leak. The phone concerned is Google Android One smartphone. The Read more