10 Apps That Help You Live More Sustainably

Sustainable living is the need of the hour. With global warming, depleting ozone layer, reduced natural resources, and climate change, our planet needs serious help to survive. There are many ways to lead a greener lifestyle. Some are as simple as taking shorter showers others require making some bigger changes like looking into affordable prefab homes. No matter what road you take, every little bit helps.

One of the easiest and most accessible ways to stay ahead of your sustainable living goals is right at your fingertips. Smartphone apps are a great way to start on your sustainability journey. They help you keep true to your goals and find new ways to lead a greener life. Here are some tried and tested sustainability apps to help you on your way.


The first app on our list gives you information about different food items and how they are made. Food items are ranked based on growth and processing practices as well as company conduct. The idea is to help you choose food items that are ethically produced with minimum processing and are environment friendly. 

10 Apps That Help You Live More Sustainably


OLIO promotes food sharing so less of it goes to waste. We all have to get fresh food off our hands sometimes, why not share it with someone who needs it instead of throwing it away. The app is also a great way to find fresh ingredients like vegetables and fruits just in time for your next meal. 

10 Apps That Help You Live More Sustainably


This next app doesn’t just offer a great way to lead a more sustainable life, it also helps you focus on the important things in life by promoting less phubbing. By spending less time on your phone you can plant and grow virtual trees that in turn help you plant real ones in five African countries. Forest has partnered with Trees for the Future to help make the earth more green. 

10 Apps That Help You Live More Sustainably


This app helps you determine your carbon footprint by telling you just how much your food, vehicles, and even electronic appliances are harming the earth. You then get personalized tips on how to reduce your energy consumption and carbon emission. Oroeco also partners with Impact Carbon, a non-profit organization that provides energy-efficient appliances to underdeveloped countries.

10 Apps That Help You Live More Sustainably


Plastic is one of the main causes of pollution in our world. Tap helps you reduce the use of plastic bottles by helping you find nearby water refill stations. This way you can drink water up to your fill without creating any plastic garbage. Tap filter stations provide free filtered water dispensed through hygienic fillers. 

10 Apps That Help You Live More Sustainably


JouleBug doesn’t just offer sustainable living tips, it helps you track your progress in a fun and interactive way. You can share your achievements with your friends and neighbors and get inspired by their stories as well. The app also hosts local and international Challenges so you can go green, save money, and help the planet all while having loads of fun.

10 Apps That Help You Live More Sustainably


Live more sustainably by buying pre owned clothes instead of new ones. thredUP provides the largest collection of fashion resale items and over 30,000 brands. You can also get special goody boxes made by choosing your favorite items. Not sure which items to choose? Let thredUP do the work for you. You can choose from many different themes like 9 to 5 Styles and Tropical Getaways to get bespoke goody boxes. You can also send your preloved (or new) clothes to thredUP and receive credit or cash in return.

10 Apps That Help You Live More Sustainably


Adopting a vegan lifestyle is not easy but HappyCow helps you keep true to the cause by finding vegan restaurants near you. You can also find reviews for popular places so you can choose the right place. The app also features a vegan recipes index so you can try making your favorite dishes at home as well. 

10 Apps That Help You Live More Sustainably


Hoping to unsubscribe from your junk snail mail as easily as you do so with your email? PaperKarma is the answer to your prayers. Download this app, send them a picture of your junk mail, and you’re unsubscribed. Do your bit for the environment by reducing paper wastage and saving the trees.

10 Apps That Help You Live More Sustainably

Think Dirty

This last app is a great one for makeup lovers. Just scan a makeup product to learn about its ingredients. You can find out if a makeup product is made from harmful or unethically sourced ingredients and choose greener alternatives. You can also subscribe to the Think Dirty Beauty Box that features a collection of green makeup and skincare products. 

10 Apps That Help You Live More Sustainably

In Conclusion

We all need to take steps to live a more sustainable life. These apps help us on our way by giving us the knowledge, tools, and inspiration we need to keep true to our sustainability goals. Try them out today and live a greener life. 

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