3 Signs That You Need a Computer Upgrade In 2019


Computers were invented to make tasks easier. In fact, both individuals and businesses need computers. Some use them for managing processes in production units while others use them for communicating. And that’s not all. There are still others that use them for gaming purposes. The list is actually endless. However, most people don’t seem to realize that a computer wears out like any other thing. In fact, many wait until the day that the computer crashes to do an upgrade. Such ignorance can be costly in situations where the computer is used in a business. This is because all the operations will have to be halted until the computer is up and running. The truth is that every computer gives out warning signs before crashing. The problem with most people is that they like ignoring such signs until the unexpected happens. Here is a list of common signs that indicate that you should upgrade your computer.

1. Declining Performance

This is actually the most obvious sign. When your computer suddenly begins to take ages to boot or start certain applications, it’s probably because the RAM or CPU is worn out. Besides that, you might also experience a situation where you run out of storage space. Although you can upgrade the RAM and hard drives on your own, it’s important you consult a reputable technician such as those that are available at computer repair Portland .

when installing new CPU. This is because you may not know how to match it with the appropriate motherboard. As for the RAM and the drives, you will need to add those with higher specs. Unless you do an upgrade, the performance of your computer will continue to disappoint you, especially when you want to use it urgently.

2. Changes in Personal Needs

If you only use your computer for checking emails, you might not need to upgrade it. However, if you want to start using the same computer for gaming or for designing purposes like graphics or web design, you will have to schedule for an upgrade or the computer will become useless at your greatest hour of need. Modern video games in particular are only compatible with computers that have high capacity RAM, Hard drives and processor speed. You will also have to invest in high quality graphics to be able to enjoy the features that are included in most games and applications.

3. Replacement Parts and Systems become Rare

The world of computing is very dynamic. New systems and technologies are released too soon, making the old ones absolute. When it becomes difficult to find the replacement parts of your computer in the leading stores, you know that an upgrade is in order. In fact, when computer parts become outdated, their prices tend to go up. There are actually instances when buying an old part is more expensive than buying a new computer. Besides that, if you have been using software that’s no longer supported by the manufacturer like Windows XP, you definitely need to upgrade to latest version of operating system. This goes a long way towards guaranteeing the security of your data.

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