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How Digital Signage Helps Shaping The DOOH Advertising?

Just a short while ago outdoor advertisement got a pretty cool technological upgrade and since has been developing at speed. For those looking to advertise DOOH is the hands-down best way to target on-the-go audience in a futuristic kind of way. The combination of the screens in the big cities across the world playing the leading role in the city infrastructure, intelligent digital signage software, crowd analytics, smartphone engagement, and Wi-Fi accessibility has brought brands to their recent unreachable goal. The big dream of their message successfully resonating with the group of people that message is finally coming true. The ads are becoming personalized and carry meaning.

The whole premise of the DOOH advertising sounds unreal, though the technology has been used for a while now. Honestly, unless the screens have something physically blocking them, the message will be delivered with a 100% guarantee of visibility. OOH is delivering where everyone else is failing. Driving force of technology – the very instrumental data analysis, features and increased alignment with mobile integration – secure exiting results for the advertisers. It’s truly a brand safe environment, with unparalleled advertising visibility and an unbeatable way of conveying the message.

The Programmatic

Tech-lead digital signage software has now advanced DOOH into a data-guided programmatic digital out-of-house. In August of 2018 eMarketer has projected that more than 80% of the digital display ads will be acquired with automated channels. Programmatic DOOH improves targeting and makes the ad campaigns highly relevant to those observing. As an example, one of the very successful ad campaigns was the of the food delivery company foodora. The campaign has decided to use the weather reports as of their ad triggers, therefore sunny hour would have triggered customers to walk and pick up their meal in a nearby restaurant and the rain was a cue for food delivery. Plus, supporting data of the geolocation was used to advertise local restaurants. The campaign hit every set mark, surely a fantastic illustration of great digital signage software and effectively targeted data-lead programmatic digital out-of-house.

Obviously, anything that is able to produce data can trigger a successful OOH campaign. Plus, advanced digital signage software gives companies full control of the displayed content at any time. Find software developer that’ll give you a chance to work with the cutting-edge tech, use AI, intelligent algorithms and still doesn’t require you to have a Ph.D. in computer science. For example, Kit Cast is at the top of the list for us as they’ve launched the first digital signage application for AppleTV.

The Dynamic

Dynamic digital signage keeps growing within the DOOH industry. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for brands to stand-out in their fight for the attention of the digital-savvy customers. Creative dynamic digital signage solutions are the key to the new visual marketing upraise and the Full Motion Digital OOH (FMDOOH) will undoubtedly keep growing. The High Definition video with a creative interactive content is impossible to ignore and now we see the landscapes of the big cities replacing all of the static with motion. Billboards, metro ads, posters, information boards, street signs, and bus stops – all of it is starting to come alive and move. Newest DS software is also adding some movement to the content – dynamic content targets people in a whole new way with interactive ads that incorporate facial recognition or something completely new like smartwatch data. In 2017 PricewaterhouseCoopers issued a report that assessed the DOOH growth for the calculable future and the prediction was that by 2020 DOOH advertising revenues will overtake traditional media. Seems to be coming true.

The Social

UK’s own OOH Guru Talon Outdoor has issued a report on the motion digital OOH ads when paired with SM campaigns. Having been carried out just this summer with three different ad campaigns the research has shown an average increase by 23%. The company measured all of the main marketing basics like brand awareness, emotional response and intent to purchase, customer action and others.  These statistics on top of the more than 3 billion social media users and smarter tech-driven digital signage software all should push the DOOH full on into Social collaboration in the future.

The Conclusion DOOH, as well as FMDOOH, are being fully embraced by advertisers based on the ad campaign outcomes. Being bombarded with positive impressive feedback, the ever-growing popularity of the programmatic Digital OOH and the FMDOOH, the social media insertion and creativity and innovations offered by the DS Software advertisers have nowhere to go but DOOH. Soon enough more and more advertisers will embrace the format.

Anik is an IT professional and Data Science Enthusiast. He loves to spend a lot of time testing and reviewing the latest gadgets and software. He likes all things tech and his passion for smartphones is only matched by his passion for Sci-Fi TV Series.