360 Earbuds: 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound With An Amazing Bass

Surround Sound is a much coveted sound experience when it comes to watching movies and playing games at home. But when we are traveling, we compromise a lot of your expectations and choices. We try to negotiate between feasibility and and desire and settle with stereo audio earbuds. But now, this negotiation is going to be a thing of past because 360 earbuds are here to give you that amazing immersive experience of 3D sounds. The best  thing about these earbuds is that they are the perfect trade off between price and quality.

earbuds 360

The 360 Earbuds with 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound that provides an amazing 3 Dimensional sound experience that apparently packs a full speaker, and subwoofer. The earphones are something special and any traveler would like to possess it for an amazing audio experience on the go. Thanks to the technology of frequency separation, the clarity of sound and precision of 3D effect is beyond description. The 360 Earphones sports fine quality audio components and a viscoelastic material inside the shell to improve the sound and filter out all noise. All these pull out the amazing effect of a subwoofer.

360 has ameliorated the mechanical structure of the earphones. According to 36o earbuds, “This patented technology combines its own balance of electro-acoustic theory and electro-acoustic materials to produce sound the way it was created. With this new mechanical approach to earbud technology, you can now listen with 5.1 virtual surround sound, the dynamic frequency range from 8Hz-20KHz, and the truest bass realized on an earbud platform. The way you listen will be changed forever.”

The headphones are priced just at $ 80. Amazing, isn’t it?

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