Citroën Launches Glass To Cure Your Motion Sickness On The Go

Many people suffer motion sickness while traveling by cars, boats, ships, planes. Sometimes, people become nauseating and starts vomiting. Citroën’s new Seetroen glasses will help you deal with motion sickness. The spectacles look weird and can turn into a fashion faux pass but wait, can you compromise a bit for the benefits you are getting.

The motion sickness glasses are developed by Boarding Ring. The glasses contain four rings and these rings contain fluid that activates the horizon. It also simulates the angle and movements of the horizon so that the motions of the blue-dyed liquids can be seen by the user’s eyes and match what their inner ear is detecting.

Citroën Launches Glass To Cure Your Motion Sickness On The Go

When you are traveling by vehicles, you have to put on the Seetroen glasses and stare at a book. The glasses will take some time to synchronize to your system. The time is approximately 10 minutes and you will get accustomed with the glasses and Seetroen will look after your motion sickness. The best thing about the glasses, is that, you don’t have to keep on wearing them for the entire journey. As mentioned before, To make the glasses work for you, you have to wear them and stare at any relatively stationary object, like a book or a tablet. The brain takes 10-12 minutes to analyze the scenario of nausea and sickness and adjust to your eyes with reference to the motion of the liquid. According to several surveys, 95% of people who travel by vehicles suffer motion sickness to some extent.

The glasses are available for purchase from Citroën Lifestyle shop as well as Boarding Ring om pre-order of $80 (£60, AU$107). The devices will start shipping from December.

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