5 Important Tips To Help You Write The Perfect College Essay


Essay or personal statement is an important step of your college admission application process. While your grade and letters of Recommendation are equally significant, but writing an essay will lead you through a lot of challenges. A perfect essay cannot be composed in a single day, but days of arduous work and time can build up a near perfect essay for you. Here are some points that can help you compose a neat essay.

1. Your Essay Needs Time

Most of us are procrastinators. We think we will do tomorrow and then end up doing it just when the deadline is near. If you have thought of doing the same with your essay, then you will be left with just a piece of trash, feeling disquieted. So, time is the most important factor. Your essay needs a great deal of time. Write an essay draft, edit it every time you learn a new relevant information. Revise it several times before the final essay is ready.

2. A Template Is Always A Savior

A blank page may not give you the right confidence to begin your essay. In such event, you can use essay templates for a kick start. There are copious essay templates easily available on the internet. The templates give you a generic essay format, such as introduction, conclusion, body, etc. Templates give your white page a basic structure and you can begin crafting your essay. Only, remember, every essay is different, and every student is different. So, do not adhere to a template religiously, or, your creativity will be marred.

3.  Your Originality Is Expected

Examiners who will waiting to examine your essay wants to see the student through the writing. Thus, if you write superficial ideas, the experienced eyes will be able to see it. Your essay should be unique and should reflect your personality. Write whatever genuine achievements you have in your life, no matter how little it is. Even a small achievement is an asset and that’s what an admission officer looks for in a student. Write your essay with your soul in it. Always try to write it on your own. In case, you are completely incompetent to write in that particular language, you can seek help from professional essay writer. But never let your originality be lost. Always cite examples from your life. Anyone can claim himself/herself to be a deserving asset for the institution, but unless, you have genuine examples to back up the claim, your essay will hold zero credibility.

4. Brainstorm Ideas

Brainstorming ideas is the best thing you can do for your essays. While you are writing about a certain topic in your essay, try to gather as much knowledge as possible for you. Read from books, from internet, real experiences of scholars and researchers. The more you learn, the more refined your essay will get.

5. No Silly Mistake

An essay should be written and revised multiple times. Always remember to keep it simple. If you attempt to incorporate tough jargons and words forcefully in your essay, you are bound to cause errors. Writing correct is better than writing complicated words. Proofread the essay as many times as possible.

Hope the above tips help you!

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