5 Must-Have Gadgets for Students

Distance Learning: Best Apps, Tools and Online Services

Technology is controlling practically every field in today’s world. The latest entrant being the education sector, or so it seems. A lot of learning institutions are harnessing the web of technology to transfer knowledge to students. Experts argue that this trend is rapidly growing. An e-learning app is no longer something new to scholars. More and more technological tools are on the rise every single day. In essence, individuals in the education sector have a challenge keeping up with the fast pace that technology is taking. So, what are these apps, tools, and online services that are controlling learning?

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Adobe connect

This online meeting software helps students to create an interaction with their teachers. It helps to get presentations carried out quickly, and group projects handled swiftly as well. It can equally aid in the setting and administration of quizzes, on top of other interactions. It is, in fact, one of the top learning apps available in the current educational field.


This is an easy to use online collaboration tool for use by students and their tutors. The best part about this distance learning online space is that it is free, unlike some of its competitors. It also adds other tools and programs that people love to have, including YouTube and Google Docs.


From the name, this is an online site that hosts courses from different learning institutions around the globe. It allows students to keep tabs with their classes and evaluate whether or not they meet quality standards.


This is more like the conventional blackboards found in a typical classroom. It helps students and their tutors to collaborate through online connections.


This tool brings students from all over the world in one place. Here, they can match and pair with distinct classrooms. It also helps teachers to come up with their projects or join those from other existing classes.

Face time

You have probably seen and used this provision on your apple device before. But have you ever known that it can be essential for education? It is a perfect video conferencing tool that has many applications. When you teach online service to your students, you can use this tool to connect audio and visual aspects for effortless communication. However, you will need to have apple devices as this app is not available on the android platform.

Google Plus hangouts

This also one of the best online learning tools for college students. Google has been around for a while now, thus, gaining control of the technological field. While they have several competitors, they equally offer value to counter-attack. They have their video chat, available online, and other videoconferencing tools that can help teachers connect with their students efficiently.


This is an impressive tool for distance learning. It is based on the activity and usage of the students, which helps teachers to plan effectively.


This is another trusted site and app, from the Microsoft family. It ranks among the top tools for audio and visual communication, through videoconferencing and other means of communication. Its strength comes in where it is available for most devices, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other mobile devices. Thousands of teachers and their students can connect through this tool and share different content relating to their areas of study. The site and app also offer real-time chatting provisions for both parties in the education scene.


YouTube is another excellent tool to add to your academic arsenal. It is available both on website mode and as an application. Similar to Skype, you can use it in different mobile devices, including smartphones and also in PC mode. It has a lot of educational videos to watch, appropriate for students. It also offers classes for those who are too far to attend the traditional classroom. So, whenever you have an assignment that needs writing, you can gather one or two tips to use from this service.


Operating in more than 200 distinct countries, this is a brilliant tool in the technological field for education. It offers online classes to over 150,000 students, who study away from school. It also has several resources that are ideal for improving student-based learning.

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