5 Ways to Have a Realistic Schedule with a Printable Calendar

Keeping to a schedule can seem nearly impossible sometimes. It can often feel as though time is not quite on your side when you’re trying to keep a schedule. Instead of fighting time, it’s best to work with it. Maintaining your printable calendar can ensure that you have all the time in the world to complete the tasks you need to complete—and stop worrying about the rest. 

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Why Printable Calendars Work
Printable calendars work because you can’t avoid something you need to see every day—all day. When you place your calendar in an unavoidable spot (at eye level), you wont’ be able to shirk your duties. Try not to hide your calendar in a spot that you won’t look at it. The harder it is for you to avoid your calendar, the harder it will be to avoid completing your tasks. 

Tips for Using Your Printable Calendar
There are some valuable tips you can employ while using a printable calendar. It’s easiest to use printable calendars when you’re actually ready to complete some of your tasks. If you’re simply trying to avoid getting your work done, your printable calendar won’t help you much. Try to keep your calendar where you won’t be able to avoid it.

Write your “must-do” list in ink. That way, you won’t be able to erase the duties that you feel you must complete on any given week. Write your “want-to-dos” in impermanent ink. This way, you’ll feel compelled to complete these items—without feeling as though you must complete them. Finally, try to write in all other tasks in pencil so you can erase the ones you weren’t able to complete.

1. Write Your Must-Dos First
The most important items on your calendar are your must-do items. Write these on your calendar first. You want to ensure that these tasks are always finished every week. If you pencil in other tasks first, you’ll end up completing your tasks in the wrong order and never feel as though you’re getting anything finished. 

Try to include a few tasks on your must-do list that you consider “easy.” This way, you’ll feel as though you’ve completed more than you may have
actually completed. This type of motivation can help you out in the long-run.

2. Write Your “Want-to-Dos” Second
After you’ve written you “must-dos” on your list, write your “want-to-dos.” These are the items that you feel you could get done, but they’re not as important as the “must-do” items. Your “want-to-dos” list should be longer than your “must-do” list. Since must-dos “must” be done before you can move on to other items, you’ll want to keep this list as short as possible. Try to be as flexible with yourself as possible when it comes to your “musts” and your “wants.” The idea is that you want to check off as many items on your list as possible—while still getting all of your important tasks finished.

3. Pencil in Your “Would Like To-Dos” Third
After you’ve completed everything on your other lists, pencil in the items you would like to complete. These are the items that you will not be sad to see go from your list if you’re not able to complete everything on your list. You want to try to do everything you possibly can, but some items are not totally possible to complete. It’s okay if you don’t get to check these items off your list. Just write them on your list to ensure that they haven’t been forgotten.

4. Place Your Calendar Where You Can See It
Your calendar is only as good as the place in which you put it. You’ll need to ensure you place your calendar somewhere you won’t forget about it. Your refrigerator, front door or office are great places to put your calendar. If you really feel that you may feel challenged by keeping to the tasks at hand, place your calendar on your bathroom mirror. This way, you won’t be able to miss it as you’re getting ready in the morning. 

5. Cross Your Items Off Your List
Finally, begin crossing items off your list. It’s important to complete this step as you’ll need to feel some sense of accomplishment. You’ll be more likely to complete other tasks if you feel as though you’ve been productive in the past. Crossing items off your list actually fires off receptors of pleasure in your brain that can help you feel motivated in the future.

Printable calendars are great ways to finish your tasks and get motivated for future tasks. Try to incorporate a few of these ideas into your daily routine to ensure you feel motivated to continue knocking items off your list.

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