6 Tips on Making Your First Social Media App

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Needing help getting your first social media app launched? Keep reading to learn 6 tips on how to create a social media app.

So you want to be the next Facebook?

As social media platforms continue to grow, so does the competition. When making your app, there are some things you need to consider. Scroll down to learn on how to develop an app an how to make it appeal to your audience.

Make a Strategy

Having an idea is not the right way into development. Making a complete strategy requires full market research of your competition and the definition of your audience. While developing this strategy, you can try using social media apps developed by your competitors to see what features they have and spot what they lack.

A good idea is to interview potential users and see what they’d like to see in an app and how they’d like it to operate. Such interviews can help you identify what your users like and dislike in other apps, which helps you create a “perfect” product.

During the planning stage, you need to think about user retention and lead generation strategies. Utilize the feature that makes your app better than others and creates a marketing campaign behind it. At this time, think about monetization strategies.

Make an MVP

Making a minimum viable product is a nice strategy for most user-centric applications. An MVP that showcases your product’s most significant features of the product and will estimate demand and validate your app idea. MVP is a good lead generation tool. By having a simple subscription form, you collect data from people interested in your app.

Design the Mobile App

Once you have the MVP results and the feedback, you can start developing the completed product. Of course, the business value and purpose of the app might need some specific features: For most apps, the set of features are the same, just see how your app can produce better results.

Social Login

Signing up to the social media app is the first experience a user gets. To make it more user-friendly, enabling users to sign up with other social media accounts or profiles. Users will begin to love it.

We assume that most people have a Google or Facebook account, thus it’s a logical idea to sign up to one of these accounts. Most social media platforms have a social login features that follow a straightforward procedure. Of course, you should add the standard sign up procedure via email should be available.


Making a striking profile may be important for social media apps. Therefore – they provide multiple customization and personalization options – the ability to create a nickname, include a short bio, links to other accounts on other resources or networks, especially if we’re speaking about a professional social media app.


By creating a search function, you’ll earn your user’s appreciation. Your users should be able to search for other comments, users, and posts quickly. To make your search function convenient enable it with features such as advanced search options and auto-completion function.


You’ll need a plan, team, and strategy to create a social media app. Always look at the common trends in social media and create innovative ideas based off of your findings. When building your app, always go for quality, as your users will want an app that works properly.

To do so, spend time on letting your IT team create the features for your app. Give them clear details and allow them to work on completing the project. You’ll be rewarded with a high-quality social media app that you can market and potentially achieve long-term success.

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