What You Need To Know About Dragonkin?

The dragonkin is a race of powerful and intelligent dragon-like creatures that originated from the previous cycle of the universe. Zaros, the god of fate and control, deems that dragonkin’s home was destroyed after the Elder Gods left Freneskae, their homeworld. What was left of the dragonkin managed to find refuge in the Abyss. The Abyss is a plane between worlds that holds them together. The surviving dragonkin went to Jas, the oldest and most powerful Elder God who created the universe, to ask for mercy or retribution. However, Jas used them instead by binding them to the Stone of Jas, an ancient and powerful object pre-dating the First Age and even the arrival of Guthix. The dragonkin are known as enslaved guardians of this stone. 


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As mentioned above, the Dragonkin lived in peace until The Great Revision where their homeworld got destroyed. Afterwards the dragonkin found refuge in the Abyss, but soon after managed to find a new planet to settle on; Gielinor. They built their home on Anachronia where they established their first city on Gielinor; Orthen. The dragonkin were divided into four schools of beliefs: the Dactyl, the Syrtes, the Nodon and the Aughra. The first two were more ambitious than the rest, resulting Kerapac, one of the Dactyl followers, to create The Crucible that would allow the dragonkin to fight the Elder Gods. Jas noticed the dragonkin’s desire for power and she gave them a taste of it by enslaving the dragonkin and binding them to the Stone of Jas to be its protectors, causing them to suffer and lose most of their traditions. The Aughra fled to the Abyss, the Nodon decided to hibernate in their pods within the ruins of their cities and the Syrtes went mad from the Jas’ curse and became Necrosyrtes. Their mission is to kill all False Users of the Stone of Jas. The Dactyl vowed to fight the curse and to find the cure, creating the dragon race in the process.  Later on, during the Second Age, the Necrosyrtes laid waste to the world of Kethsi and its people because the Stone of Jas has been switching hands throughout that period and ended up on the Mount Firewake on Kethsi. Throughout the Third Age the dragonkin took part in the God Wards and are even considered to end them with the power they acquired from Zamorak. The dragonkin used the Stone of Jas to destroy Forinthry, today known as the Wilderness, putting an end to the God Wards. The Dragonkin Conflicts took place in Gielinor during the Fourth Age when Necrosyrtes continued looking for the False Users. They destroyed settlements in the process until Robert the Strong, who travelled to destroyed Kethsi and created the dragonbane, and Camorra drove them back to their castle. During the Fifth Age, the player finds the Stone of Jas in the Ancient Guthix Temple, but it gets stolen by Lucien, the Mahjarrat necromancer. Soon after the Necrosyrtes kill Lucien with the Staff of Armadyl and flee the scene leaving the player with the Stone of Jas. By teleporting the stone, the player receives a vision of destroyed Draynor Village and many of their allies burnt by the dragonfire. It turns out that the vision represents the future events when Necrosyrtes attack Edgeville. The Sixth Age was very eventful, starting with Sliske, a powerful Mahjarrat, who got hold of the Staff of Armadyl and managed to locate the Stone of Jas. Sliske became so powerful that he killed Guthix and removed the Edicts of Guthix, a barrier preventing the return of gods, around Gielinor. Sliske invited the gods and created a contest for the stone. However, everyone fled once Strisath got released from his cage. Years later, Sakirth, the Syrtes leader, Strisath, Kalibath and Tarshak got to an island where they acquired the Elder Mirror which is in possession of Kerapac, an afforementioned Dactyl dragonkin. The curse was lifted once Kerapac destroyed the Stone of Jas with the Elder Mirror resulting Necrosyrtes to disappear completely.


The Necrosyrtes are the creators of dragon equipment made by the metal Orikalkum. No one knows the secret of how to make it, but they have a mysterious connection with dragon items. The green dragons say that they feel power calling to them once the dragonkin weapons are near them, they make the player strong and they bring the dragonkin’s return closer. The dragon impling says that the dragon equipment is found in secret places and different worlds hidden in the darkness, left in huge piles for a long time.
The dragonkin symbol is a circle with a compass rose in the right half and in the left half a pattern identical to the one on the Stone of Jas. This symbolizes the dragonkin’s bonding with the curse of Jas. However, there is another dragonkin symbol; the one only with the compass rose which existed and was the main symbol of the dragonkin before the curse took effect.


The dragonkin castle firstly appears in a cutscene showing Robert the Strong fighting a dragonkin in an unidentified castle. The lore states that it is a Necrosyrtes castle in Morytania and that a mysterious energy lingers about implying that the Stone of Jas was there.
The Ancient Cavern is a mysterious ruin that exists underneath the Bextorian Falls. There are arcane symbols of the Second Age and a mithril door keeping it closed. The door can be opened with a Dragonkin key. Finally, inside the cave there is a forge used to smith dragon platebody suggesting the dragonkin created their own equipment.
The Dragonkin Laboratory was made under the Deep Wilderness Castle Ruins by the Dactyl in order to conduct experiments towards ending the curse. They kept dragons there such as Astellarn, Verak Lith and Black stone dragon which made an accident resulting the laboratory to be evacuated and Kerapac sealing the laboratory so that the dragon would never escape.

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