6 Ways To Make Your Office A Pleasant Place To Work

            If you are struggling to make your office a bit more pleasant for your employees, below are a few simple ways to switch things up. Half of it has to do with your attitude as a boss and the other half has to do with how you shape the office through software, décor, and celebrations. Find out which methods best work for you and implement them accordingly to create a happy space for everyone.

Encourage Open Communication

            As a boss, one of the most important things you can perpetuate in your office (whether small or large) is the idea of open communication between employees and upper management. Not everyone will be happy all the time and it is important to acknowledge when things might not be working in your office. This shouldn’t be taken as a personal attack, but rather a cry for help that there needs to be a change in the way things are being run or the way everyone is approaching their work.

By encouraging open communication, either through one-on-one discussions or group meetings, you will show your staff that you are listening to them and are willing to take action when there is a consensus on the progress of the work environment. Not only will this make the individual with the issue happier, but it will create a more welcoming work space that will make others feel comfortable expressing their concerns without the threat of repercussions.

Promote A Greener Space

            Sustainability has become a global concern at this point and many offices are taking a stand in their own way to make their environment a bit greener. A simple—and literal—way to do this is by buying plants for your floor and encouraging employees to purchase plants for their desk areas. Plants are a great way to brighten a space and also help to cleanse the air that you are breathing throughout the day.

Another way to promote sustainability in your office is by offering the right recycling bins that are easy for your staff to use as well as converting as much paper work as possible into digital files. Storing your confidential company documents in a virtual data room will create less paper waste in the long run while still allowing necessary users to access the information from wherever, whenever. So, instead of saving countless physical files and purchasing more paper for printers, opt instead to partner with a virtual data room provider and make your office that much more aware of the environment.

Support Your Staff

            Showing your staff that you care is the simplest and most effective way to create an environment that is enjoyable to work in. Supporting your staff can be as simple as listening when they have a complaint or as specific as offering the opportunity for stress leaves if there are having a difficult time with their mental health. It can also be backing them up when dealing with a higher level of management and treating their issues as valid so that they can find a solution that satisfies them. A company is only as good as the happy employees that run it, so it’s important to show your support and appreciation as often as possible and whenever necessary.

Offer The Ability To Work Remotely

            In the digital age, working from home is a much more acceptable option for many businesses than it was a few decades ago. There will be times when your employees need a break from the office and you should be willing to compromise by allowing them to work remotely. This will allow them to take a break from a long commute or have some more time with their families. With various online tools, such as a firmex.com/virtual-data-room/ mentioned above, it is easy for employees to stay connected while working remotely and still remain on top of their work without having to physically be in the office.

Don’t Guilt Trip Sick Employees

            A certain level of understanding needs to be afforded to employees in order for them to feel comfortable with the work environment, a common one being how managers handle sick days. It is all too common for employees to be made to feel guilty when they have to take a few days off to recover from a cold, which can force them to come into the office sick and risk infecting others. Do your employees a favour and be understanding when they are sick. Don’t hold it against them and don’t indirectly hint that they should still be coming into the office if it’s only a cold—the last thing you want is everyone to get sick at the same time.

Step Away From The Work Mentality (Occasionally)

            From time to time, allowing the office to break the normal routine and have a bit of fun can be incredibly advantageous for the company morale. This can be done through the implementation of casual Fridays or buying everyone lunch once a month to show your appreciation and to give everyone a bit of a break during stressful work periods. Knowing that fun is allowed and encouraged will make employees feel more comfortable and happier with the work environment in the long run.

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