How much does Google advertising cost?

How much does Google advertising cost?

How much does Google advertising cost?

Contextual advertising platforms in Google AdWords are one of the most popular tools for driving traffic to a website. Despite the fact that the price for each click increases every year, advertisers do not stop paying for the context because it brings a good effect. Most often, the placement of the context begins with a single advertising system, and you need to choose. The best choice is Google. Today we will talk about the important advantage of the Google AdWords system – with the lowest Google advertising cost per click. So, how much advertising on Google AdWords costs and why is it cheap? We have compared the average cost per click in the campaigns of several of our clients that are hosted on varying systems. With a similar average position of clicks (in other words, in equal conditions), the average cost of a click is significantly different. Why does it happen?

Why are AdWords clicks cheaper?

  • Complex interface

The Google AdWords interface consists of many sections and tabs. To advertise on your own, you will need to spend quite a lot of time studying the help and instructions. There are really a lot of tools in AdWords. Some potential advertisers are scared of the variety and prefer placement in a simpler system.

  • Less competition

The consequence of the first reason is lesser competition. Since advertising systems operate on the principle of an auction, the price of a click directly depends on the number of advertisers who have placed an ad for a specific keyword. Where there fewer competitors, 1 click is cheaper.

  • Special pricing principle

Clicking is going to be cheap not in every advertising campaign in Google. It will be cheaper only when the campaign is well developed and well tuned. Unlike other systems, in AdWords, a situation is possible when an advertiser with a lower bid and a high-quality campaign gets clicks cheaper than a competitor with a high bid and lower quality ads. This principle, based on the ranking of ads, reduces the cost of each click.

It is beneficial for the system to show the user more high-quality interesting ads because they bring more clicks. Therefore, advertisers with such ads do not have to pay too much for each click. It’s convenient for everyone. The Google AdWords system has good tools for experimenting and increasing conversion. Therefore, if your advertisement is not there yet, we advise you to start posting. How much does a Google AdWords ad for your site cost? Will the contextual calculator help you calculate?

What determines the cost?

Setting goals and e-commerce

Goals are selected depending on what your site is and what you want to get from the user who clicked on your ad (registration on the site or visit to a specific page). For a site selling goods or offering services, sending an application or a call from the site may be the issue. The main task of a specialist in contextual advertising is to set goals that are achievable and profitable.

Strategy Development

Campaign strategies for selling goods and providing services will be different. The more subtleties in the strategy are, the more efficiently and with less expenditure contextual advertising will work.

The volume of semantic core

The more the semantics requests are, the bigger is the cost. If the semantics is voluminous, it will take weeks to process it without the help of an experienced specialist.

Study negative keywords

Negative keywords are requests for users to see your ad. Why this is important: if you ignore negative keywords, representing the thoughts of the target audience, you will reduce the percentage of clickers on your ad. They will leave not buying anything but you will have spent your money on such advert. Therefore, the elaboration of negative keywords helps target strictly to the target audience and bring calls and requests from clicks.

Targeting (time, geographic, audience)

Depending on the subject, there are peaks of attendance. Studies show that daily activity and user interests vary greatly from morning to night. At such peaks of activity, competition increases, and the cost per click increases as well.

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