8 Android Apps Infected By Joker Malware: Remove Them Now!

8 Android Apps Infected By Joker Malware: Remove Them Now!

Joker, the dangerous malware has infected 8 android apps. If using you are any of these apps, uninstall them immediately, or your confidential data will be compromised. Before, informing more about the Joker malware, here are the 8 apps:

  • Auxiliary message
  • Fast Magic SMS
  • Free CamScanner
  • Super Message
  • Element Scanner
  • Go Messages
  • Travel wallpapers
  • Super SMS

If you have any of the above mentioned apps installed in your Android smartphone, uninstall them on priority. Uninstalling an app is very simple. Go to your app explorer screen and long press on the target application. Tap on Uninstall. That’s all!

Joker is a vicious malware, which is dynamic and powerful. It gets injected into your device with an application installed on your smartphone. The moment it gets installed, it scans your entire device, and extracts text messages, SMS, passwords, other login credentials and send them back to the hackers. Besides, Joker is capable of automatically enrolling the attacked device for premium Wireless application Protocol services. The subscriptions cost huge and they get billed to you. You might be wondering from where are these phantom transactions coming.

Google scans its Play Store apps frequently and periodically and removes any malware it tracks. But joker malware can alter their codes and camouflage itself back into the apps. So, this joker is not funny, but , somewhat like the Joker from Batman.

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