Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen Receives 2000 New Stickers

Gboard's Emoji Kitchen Receives 2000 New Stickers

Google’s Gboard is a versatile and extremely efficient keyboard application for Android devices. Since the application is from Google, it is always best matched with Android. With every big update, Google inculcates some amazing features in its Gboard application. A recent update for Gboard has brought several interesting changes and additions in features. The most intriguing feature among them is the Emoji Kitchen stickers. 
Emoji Kitchen is a feature where you can combine two emojis to get a new emoji mashup sticker. Google started the Emoji Kitchen feature with a few mashup stickers. But now, Gboard has increased its collection with the latest update. Presently, there are over 2000 Emoji Kitchen stickers. Now mix and match the emojis together and get a new mashup emoji sticker. 

In the new Emoji Kitchen stickers, Gboard recognises the text and converts the words into colorful stickers. Previously, this feature was only available to Google Pixel phones. But now, it has started rolling out very slowly. It’s difficult to say when everyone will get the new feature. 
 The new grammar correction tool automatically catches the grammatical errors and provides corrections and suggestions. The feature works locally on your phone “to preserve your privacy.”

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