A Few Tips to Improve the Quality of Your Videos

Every day, YouTube users download hundreds of hours of video content. And only a small part of it receives a significant response from the audience. The rest of the videos remain unclaimed. Often the secret of success lies in the usefulness of a video and the good quality of the shooting. Let’s find out how to make a video that will be of interest to your subscribers and how to improve video quality in a few steps.


Proper Video Shooting

Choosing a Topic

This is the most important and responsible part of the work. In order for the video to receive views, it must meet at least two conditions. The first is the relevance of the issue and the interest of the audience. The second is the author’s competence.

If the video is interesting and useful, it will be watched, shared in social networks and discussed. If the topic is chosen unsuccessfully, even a wonderful installation and hd quality will not save the situation.

Therefore, never rush to choose a topic. Learn the topical videos that have already been published. You can evaluate the demand, using the corresponding service from Google.


To make a good video, you have to clearly understand what will be shown and told and in what sequence, in what form the submission of the material is supposed. First, sketch out what you want to see in the video.

Then develop the structure of the presentation, write down the text that you will pronounce in front of the camera (custom writing help for you may also be useful).  It is important that it is interesting and useful. Do not burden the speech with superfluous words, repetitions, complex speech constructions. Create your own style and stick to it.

Equipment Selection

When there is an understanding of the final result, you can proceed with the selection of equipment. It is important to take into account the nuances. Picture quality, purity of sound are important parameters that affect the attractiveness of the video.

It makes no sense to expect a resounding success by creating a video using a cheap smartphone camera. To create a good video, you need the following hardware:

  • A camera capable of shooting with a resolution of at least 720p;
  • External microphone. There are wired and wireless systems. The choice depends on your budget;
  • Tripod;
  • Softbox or photon;
  • Fabric, which allows you to create any background;
  • Computer or laptop, where you can work with large video files;
  • Programs for quality improvement.

Preparation for Shooting

When a theme is selected, there is a script and equipment, you can start shooting a video for YouTube. Ensure that there is no echo and unnecessary noise in the room, and unnecessary objects do not get into the frame.

Set the camera so that it looks at the bright monophonic background. Set the tripod, turn on the lighting, check the shooting area again – is there really nothing extra? If everything is ok, you can start shooting.


The first rule of shooting: do not rush. Open smile, clear speech, clear logic of the narrative make a good impression. It’s also important to remember that short videos are best watched. The leaders in the number of views are videos lasting up to two minutes.

Post Processing of Material

Editing footage is an exciting and important part of creating great videos.

improve video quality

The workflow can include trimming unnecessary fragments, adding subtitles and titles, introducing additional graphical elements that simplify perception, and much more.

The Main Rules for Obtaining a High-Quality Video

  • If you shoot with a smartphone, then use a special program that will fix the focus and other parameters;
  • Place the phone on a tripod;
  • Give maximum attention to the light as it does 90% of the picture!
  • Record sound close to the point of its origin;
  • Read about the composition and cinematic receptions, and also be creative since similar approaches from video to video are already boring.

Top Programs to Improve the Quality of Video

Whether you’re using a Mac or Windows operating system, the following video enhancement programs will be a good choice for you. They have excellent capabilities, and the benefits they bring to improve YouTube video quality are immense.

Filmora Video Editor

It will help you transform your video look into a true masterpiece with a variety of editing tools such as rotation, framing, and cropping. If you want to supplement your video with effects, there are such attractive effects as filters, transitions, and also initial / final titles.

Windows Movie Maker

You will love the way this program will improve the quality of your video. Loading and editing in this program are quite simple. Many effects and transitions are available to you, which makes this video maker well suited to improve video quality.

Pinnacle Studio

This is another effective editing software, which is worthy of your attention while improving the quality of your video. Pinnacle Studio has the stability and speed that many other programs do not have. This is the right choice for you if you need a fast and creative program.

Now when you know these easy tips, you are ready to make your successful and demanded video clip!

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