How to Track a Cell Phone Location by Number?

Are you trying to find out where someone’s cell phone is located at any time based on that person’s number? You can find information on where someone is going through the Cocospy Cell Phone Tracker. The app lets you see where a person is going at any time.

Cocospy works well for people who have multiple phones that they need to track and want to keep them divided up by phone number or name. You will get unique data from each phone you track.


Part 1: Is It Possible To Track a Cell Phone Location By Number?

You can review someone’s phone location by number by using GPS or Wi-Fi data. The GPS content on a phone is reviewed based on universal GPS signals that anyone can access.

Meanwhile, the Wi-Fi data on the phone will include details on the IP address associated with a Wi-Fi signal, the name of the connection, and details on any locations involved. Although it is not as precise as a GPS signal, the Wi-Fi point will help you figure out where someone is at any time.

Part 2: How to Track a Cell Phone Location Free Online

To make this all work, you must use the Cocospy Cell Phone Tracker. The tracking app gives you all the details you need about where someone is at a time.

location tracking by cocospy

You would have to install the Cocospy app onto an Android 4.0 or iOS 10.0.0 or greater device. You can read data from an iOS unit that links to an iCloud account without having to install the app onto the device.

Track Cell Phone Location for Free:

2.1 Basic Android or iPhone Installation

First, let’s look at how you can install Cocospy on a mobile phone:

  1. Sign up for a free account with Cocospy.cocospy login2. Download and install Cocospy onto the targeted phone.cocospy3. Log onto your account and see where someone is at a given time.cocospy track result

2.2 iCloud Access

The second option involves getting access to an iOS device with an iCloud account. This does not require you to physically access the phone you wish to track:

  1. Sign up for Cocospy services.
  2. Enter in the iCloud username and password that link up to the targeted iPhone.icloud ID
  3. Log on and check on where that person is heading. The Wi-Fi information that goes between the device and the iCloud can be gathered, thus letting you see where the phone is.device info

2.3 Review Your Control Panel

Don’t forget to take a look at what is happening on the iPhone through your control panel. The control setup gives you information on the specific or approximate location that someone was in, plus a time stamp listing when that person got somewhere. You have the option to create a personalized geofence too.

Part 3: Is This a Covert App?

Cocospy is a fully covert app that works in the background of your target device. It does not slow down the phone nor does it use lots of disk space. You will not find any icons either, as those icons will have been deleted following the installation process. Of course, Cocospy would be even more covert when you use one’s iCloud account, what with that not requiring an installation.

Part 4: Do You Have to Root or Jailbreak the Target Phone?

You do not have to root or jailbreak your targeted phone to track where that person is going. The GPS and Wi-Fi information systems are both default features, thus making them easy to review through Cocospy. You can also track notes, calendar data, phone call history, text messaging data and more through Cocospy without rooting or jailbreaking the phone. You would still have to go through the root or jailbreak process to use Cocospy for monitoring Facebook, Instagram, and other non-default apps.



Be aware of what you will get out of Cocospy when you want to track a cell phone location by number. Cocospy is a secretive and secure app that operates quickly and without a need to root or jailbreak anything.

Disclaimer: Any Spy or tracking software should be used ethically. We do not endorse any illegal or unethical use of such apps. Before installing this app on the target user’s device, he/she must be informed about it and consent should be taken before tracking the activity of the person.

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