An exciting journey towards Microsoft 70-346 exam and getting certified

General overview of Microsoft 70-346 exam

Microsoft certifications are always in high demand across various small and large IT organizations in almost every country in the world. In fact, these days, one could easily see that many hiring managers are opting to prefer those candidates who possess a good understanding of the experience and topic, along with having completed certification in the subject. Every Microsoft certification is registered on Exam-Labs and well acknowledged globally and is also considered as a part of the IT industry standards.

Microsoft 70-346 examt

Microsoft 70-346 exam is best for aspirants who can deploy, plan, and knows how to operate an Office 365 features and services. Passing this exam gives you an edge if you are well experienced with its primary system which is Office 365 admin center. Having knowledge of Skype for business, Office 365 ProPlus, (AD) or Azure Active Directory and exchange online is entirely a plus. What’s best about this exam is that it creates an excellent platform building a stepping stone towards certifications such as MCSE, MCP, and MCSA.


Microsoft 70-346 Exam main objectives are the following:

  • Troubleshoot & Monitor Office 365 usage and availability;
  • Provision Office;
  • Manage & Implement federated identities for SSO (Single Sign-On);
  • Implement & Pan Security and Networking in Office;
  • Manage & Implement identities by using Azure AD Connect;
  • Cloud Management Identities.

Why Microsoft 70-346 certification is so popular?

This exam is very popular in line with some well-known exams and certifications such as Cisco and Oracle. Since many companies are using Office 365, this exam has become popular. Not just that, it is also the starting phase of getting the next level certifications of Microsoft. So, if you are a fan of using and navigating Microsoft Office 365, you might as well grab the opportunity to take this exam which is one step closer to being Microsoft Certified. Hence, all your effort, in the end, will be worth it, once you pass it successfully provided you acquire a proper Microsoft 70-346 certification training.

Microsoft office 365 certification opens doors to advancement in your career. This exam will explore your potential of being a software service administrator or a clouds application administrator. Many businesses now use the cloud to run their businesses. This gives you an excellent opportunity to progress and work for the company of your dream. This certification increases your chance of being noticed amongst hundreds of applicants. Once you acquire any such certification, simultaneously you can improve your career prospects to a great degree. Your probabilities of getting employed or make a drive up the corporate ladder in your current organization too will upsurge after concluding a Microsoft Certification.

Certification is Ideal for:

  • IT professionals who are more involved in the evaluation, planning, deployment, and operating Microsoft Office 365 services as well as its dependencies, necessities, and supportive technologies.
  • IT managers or Network administrators accountable for managing and maintaining Office 365, as well as identities, protection of document, amalgamation with on ground directory services, and compliance with service level agreements.

Few important tips to note to pass Microsoft 70-346 exams

Many people argue about the importance of certification. Some do not think passing an exam is an excellent way of testing your knowledge. However, in the field of IT, certification is necessary for advancement. Microsoft gives the option to either take Microsoft 70-346 exam at home or testing centers. The challenge is if you are from a remote area, getting to these testing centers can be time-consuming at times. Consequently, these days, many candidates are finding it lot comfortable and preferring taking the test from home.

Top web resources for Microsoft 70-346 exam preparation


Preparing for the exam

Before the exam, it is always important that you quickly check the requirements.

  1. One of the things you are asked to do is download an application and then confirm your microphone and camera are in good working condition.
  2. Once you show your ID through the camera, there is a waiting period of between 5-20 minutes. It can be a little intimidating just watching your picture on the video while it is recording. Just ensure that you do not perform any naughty things because you are trying to seem serious.
  3. You will be then called by the proctor and was given some rules to follow.
  4. Expect to empty your pockets and show your hands. You may also to show items on your wall.
  5. Your desk must be clear, and if there is anything close by, you will be asked to move it. Doing a test at home seems to have a more thorough search than what happens in test centers.
  6. During the test, there might be a small video at the top of the screen which will show the view to the proctor of you. If you can, ignore it. You will not be allowed to have any piece of paper as you do the test.


NOTE: There is always a chance that you may find a situation or things a bit little different because when doing tests in testing centers, they have never had a problem with you having a paper to scribble on. Some of us have a habit of writing anything down even when it makes no sense. It is a little relaxing to do that during an exam.

That camera is not for you. You are being watched! If you like reading questions aloud thinking you are in your home and alone, think again! Yes, the proctor hears you, and no, it is not allowed. It is also essential to be in the view of the camera at all times.

Training courses for Microsoft 70-346 exams

There are many online courses available nowadays that will help you prepare well for this exam. Many sites offer this information at a fee while others give you clues of what you should expect from this exam.

These days, you may also find different social networks featured with various groups of people willing to share their expertise when it comes to preparing and sitting for these exams. Joining and interacting with multiple members can be of great help.

There are also exam dumps all over the internet. Some people are willing to sell you this information for a pittance. It is up to you to decide if this is how you want to get your certification. Remember that these exams are to test your skill and they certify that you have attained the ability for which you will be tested.

Studying to pass the exam may work for you, but when it comes to the practical use of supposed knowledge acquired, it will be embarrassing if you cannot perform a task you got certified for. Some sites even provide answers to the questions. If all you interested in is flashing your certification that is your choice. However, if you are planning out to advance in your career, prepare adequately for the exam.

Passing the exam after preparing for it will not only boost your confidence, it will also guarantee that you know what you are doing. If asked to perform a task you will do so knowing you are truly qualified.


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