Apple Extends Availability Of Dark Sky App Till The End Of 2022

One year ago, Apple acquired the hyperlocal weather application called the Dark Sky. Apple announced that the Dark Sky API, which was used third party services, would shutdown by the end of 2021. Now, according to reports, Apple has extended the support for another year. The Dark Sky app for iOS along with the official website will be there for another year.

Dark Sky made this public announcement about the extension of support, in a blog post. As per the blog post made by the company, Dark Sky API, the website of Dark Sky and the iOS app will remain available to the customers till the end of 2022. Previously, the company did not mention, when will Apple end the support for the API and the app. Even Apple did not throw much light into the exact timings. All they mentioned was that, there will be no change to Dark Sky for iOS anytime soon. Now, users have one more year.

Ever since the acquisition, we have not seen much updates to the Apple’s in-built weather app. Although, people expected a lot of new features, but Apple successfully kept silent over its plan with Dark Sky. That said, Apple is still fetching data from the Weather channel.

The new enhancements coming to the Weather app with iOS 15 are improved design, next-hour precipitation notifications, new animated backgrounds and many more.

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