Huawei rolls out the new HarmonyOS for smartphones, tablets and smartwatches

Huawei has recently developed an operating system with an intention to replace Android. The operating system is named HarmonyOS and it has made its appearance in smart TVs. Now, it will launch in smartphones, tablets and smart watches as well.

According to Huawei president Wang Chenglu, the mobile internet industry which is standing with support of the smartphone industry will saturate very soon. They started developing HarmonyOS with an idea that it won’t be a replica of Android operating system or iOS. Chenglu said, “The day when Huawei started to develop Harmony, we decided it will not be another Android or iOS because that wouldn’t bring value to our customers and app developers.” It is not yet clear how Huawei is going to present HarmonyOS to its potential customers. It is equally surprising that Huawei is challenging to create its own customer base, given the immense popularity of the two giants, Google and Apple.

We don’t know if HarmonyOS will ever be as successful as Android or iOS, but according to the company, more than 500K developers are developing apps of its own application store. We have no clue if the developers are any of the world’s biggest app developer. Earlier, rumors circulated that HarmonyOS is a refurbished version of Android but Huawei has discarded the claims saying that, there isn’t a single line of code in Harmony that is same as Android.

Previously, many experts anticipated that the various aspects that Huawei would upgrade some existing smartphones and other devices to HarmonyOS. At least 100 of its devices will be upgradable to HarmonyOS, at least in China, and the firm says that HarmonyOS will sport on 200 million Huawei smartphones in China before 2022. Over 100 million HarmonyOS-based devices are expected in the coming year from third parties.

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