Apple uses windows xp
Apple uses windows xp

Apple uses Windows XP in their testing labs

Even when Microsoft has removed support from Windows XP, Apple is still using this decade old version of Windows operating system and not OS X. Apple has been held at gunpoint of sarcasm and severely vituperated for iPhone 6 Plus bending. Even though Apple clarified that only 9 customers out of 10 million customers reported the issue of deformation, but Apple still preferred to show on journo from CNBC the high quality work that is being carried out in their testing laboratory before a designed is approved.

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The testing lab showed that Apple undergoes strenuous and tough testing phases and no wonder their devices are exceptionally wonderful except some rare issues. But what appealed everyone is that Apple still uses Windows XP as confirmed from the picture twitted by CNBC. Windows XP has been officially quit by Microsoft corporation and as we heard only few exceptions which are still rendering the support for millions of dollars. However Apple is one of them and according to CNBC, this effort has been made by Apple in order to calm down the “bend-gate” storm that has been raging the world. People are wondering how come such faulty devices were being shipped after having so much restricted and tough testing procedures.

But for now, the big deal is that the company which has earned humongous fame for its resplendent gadgets is still very much into the age old version of operating system of its competitor and has not upgraded to even Windows 7. This is strange but it’s true!

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