iPhone 6 allegedly exploded during a call, user files FIR

iPhone 6 allegedly exploded during a call, user files FIR

This is the first case reported where an iPhone 6 exploded while it was on call. The incident happened in Gurgaon, India on June 20, where the owner of the iPhone 6 Krishna Yadav reported that his iPhone 6 blew off while he was on call. As Yadav says, he

How to create Custom Vibrations On Your iPhone?

Create Custom Vibration

If you don't like iPhone's Phantom Vibration and if you think all available default vibration patters are not good enough for incoming calls and other notifications, you can simply create your own vibration patterns and it's really very simple. Follow the steps below to create Custom Vibrations On Your iPhone. Steps

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus suffering severe discoloration

iPhone 6 discoloration

The two most craved smart phones of the year the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have released simultaneously but since then it has been been severely vituperated for all bad reasons. One is the most infamous Bendgate.Some users found their iPhone 6 Plus to bend

Phones 4u refuses to refund users who pre-ordered iPhone 6

Phones 4u

Customers who had once been excited for pre-ordering iPhone 6 through Phones 4u device retailer are now left in despair when the retailer closed all its branches and promised no return of their money spent for pre-order. The situation is tough and it happened when UK's largest independent device retailer

Apple uses Windows XP in their testing labs

Apple uses windows xp

Even when Microsoft has removed support from Windows XP, Apple is still using this decade old version of Windows operating system and not OS X. Apple has been held at gunpoint of sarcasm and severely vituperated for iPhone 6 Plus bending. Even though Apple clarified that only 9 customers out

Apple iPhone 6 users complain that their phone is bending

iPhone 6 bending

Just within a week of its launch, iPhone 6 has been constantly been in news. First for maximum sell in the first day of launch. Then it made history by touching 10 million mark of sell in just a span of a weekend. But the news coming up is not going

4.7-inch iPhone 6 with two screen material options

iPhone 6 materials

Till now we have informed you about all the leaked information on iPhone 6 that were available to us. The display size is rumored to be revamped to 4.7 inches. As far as news say, iPhone 6 will come in two different variants, one with 4.7 inches and the

Apple iPhone 6 to be launched October 14

Apple iPhone 6 to be launched October 14

It's time for getting ready fir the new iPhone 6 and the day is not too far. The official announcement is scheduled to be done on September 16th and the phone will be released on October 14th if this year. We know hiw much craze and excitement involves with fans

Samsung’s video mocks the big-screen iPhone 6 rumors

Samsung's video mocks iPhone for small displays

Apple has undoubtedly mesmerized us with new technologies but one thing that it has deprived its users is a large big screen. However iPhone 5 brought a 4 inch screen which is still smaller than the contemporary smartphones. Now we hear that iPhone 6 will again bring a new screen