Apps That Make Everyday Money Management Simpler

money management simpler

63 percent of smart phone owners in America have added one or more financial apps to their mobile devices, according to The hottest apps provide a host of benefits. Some allow users to enjoy the speed and convenience of contactless payments. Others make it so easy to manage and utilize cryptocurrencies. Full-service banking apps that assist users with achieving their financial goals are also out there and they are so practical. Today’s guide will help smartphone owners to see what the options are and to decide which apps are right for them. 

Contactless payment apps speed up transactions

Have you heard about tokenization? It’s the process of substituting a conventional payment card with a digital token during transactions. Purchases that are tokenized utilize contactless communication systems. In other words, people may pass their mobile devices over POS (point-of-sale) terminals in order to pay for their goods or services.

The newest contactless payment apps make it so easy to access the advantages of tokenization, including greater data security and convenience. If you haven’t experimented with Samsung PayGoogle Pay or Apple Pay yet, you should give at least one of these apps a try. With Google Pay, data is kept secure and safe and it’s possible to manage the account from within the app or via the Web. This trio of popular contactless payment apps are all user-friendly, intuitive and easy to access.

Wallets for cryptocurrencies facilitate managing virtual coins reports that five cryptocurrency apps rank highly for security, interfaces and a range of other practical criteria. They are Coinbase WalletExodusCopay Bitcoin WalletBRD and Jaxx. The top-rated pick, Coinbase Wallet, is available via Google Play and Apple’s App Store. It allows users to store their ERC-20 coins, as well as LTC, ETH, ETC, BTC and BCH. Like most great cryptocurrency apps, it makes it simple to pay people anywhere in the world, with only an app username, or buy and sell virtual currency. If it’s time to streamline the management and usage of virtual coins, shop around for the right app. There are so many great ones to choose from.

Full-service banking apps help users to hit financial goals

Cutting-edge, full-service banking apps help users to know where every penny is going. One popular app, Mint, leads the market. Mint is free to access and it’s available for iOS and Android. It syncs with the accounts of users to track all spending. Mint or similar apps will help you to understand your own spending habits and adjust them if you need to. It’s easier to hit financial goals when there is a clear picture of financials.

Acorns is another interesting app. It’s a little different in that it will round up every purchase and then invest spare change. Acorns isn’t free, but it’s affordable. Students get to use Acorns without paying. It’s also available for IOS and Android. Obviously, these two apps just scratch the surface. Look around for a highly-rated app that suits your preferences.

Try some new money management apps today

Now that you know how the latest, greatest apps make it simpler to perform contactless payment transactions, use and manage cryptocurrencies and manage everyday spending, why not try some of these apps today? Designed to make life easier for users, they offer amazing benefits and most are free or very affordable. You may find that using these apps daily or weekly is pleasant, because the apps will give you more control over your financial life.

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