How to Calculate Your Reading Speed with iPhone?

Are you able to read Shakespeare "Romeo and Juliette" in couple of hours? Do away postpone voluminous reports on the job? Do you prefer to read magazines instead of "thick books "? In the world of information , nothing is impossible for the man who knows how to read quickly!

Samsung Addresses Patent Problems with Partnerships

Just this week Samsung came to terms with Ericsson by throwing money at it. Samsung agreed to get some license from Ericsson's patents which bring to a close a very complicated patent war. Also this week, both Samsung and Google agreed to cross-license their patents for the next 10 years.

5 Programming Languages You Should Learn This Year

Coding is important. Experts say that if you're not coding you might as well be tagged as illiterate in the future. It is important to future-proof yourself by getting to know the leading computer languages out there. Some languages you can get basic information about off the Internet are for

Creating an Efficient Business

Every business owner, whether their company is large or small, knows that efficiency in their business model is extremely valuable. Owners know that when their company can run with more efficiency than more times than not their profits will likewise grow.But efficiency in business is not only for the owners

Why a Mobile Website is the Way to Go?

Mobile devices are becoming more and more prevalent in our lives. It's impossible for a website that you look at on your computer to translate over to the mobile format. There have to be two different versions of the same website to meet the demands of audiences that use both

Mobile trackers – benefit or danger?

Mobile trackers – benefit or danger?

Technology has seen a lot of changes in phone industry, and mobile phone tracking is one of them which have grown to be fast popular and greatly accepted by large group of people. There are many monitoring software available in market that have outstanding features for keeping tabs on a