5 Programming Languages You Should Learn This Year

Coding is important. Experts say that if you’re not coding you might as well be tagged as illiterate in the future. It is important to future-proof yourself by getting to know the leading computer languages out there. Some languages you can get basic information about off the Internet are for free. Yes for free! There are massive online learning courses designed for beginners to give you some background on coding which you can finish off by taking formal lessons in established brick-and-mortar schools. If you’re interested here are our picks for the five best languages that you should consider learning this year.


Java is the language that powers about 3 million devices ranging from your average household appliance, your car, your smartphone and even the robot that goes around in your house sucking off the dirt from the rug. Java is that it is a language considered as “write-once, run-all”. It means that it is designed to run on multiple operating systems. Lynda.com is best place to learn Java and Udemy.


Ruby is an object-oriented and dynamic scripting language that is used to write mobile apps and some websites. Ruby is designed to be easy to write. It is the language that makes websites like Groupon, Scribd and GitHub possible.


PHP or also known as pre hypertext processor is a server-side and free scripting language that makes website quite exciting. It is a code that can be mixed with hypertext markup language that is used to code websites or webpages that you browse over the Internet. PHP is the engine that makes Facebook, Digg and even WordPress work.


Python is a high-level, server-side language that you will have fun learning. It is a scripting language that is known to power mobile apps and some websites. It is an easy language to learn especially to those that do not have much background in programming or in computer science. Python’s allure comes from its compact nature and readability.


Javascript and Java are not the same. Javascript is derived from a more complex computer language called C. It is a script that makes some websites interactive and enables to play animations as you surf the web.

And there you have it. These are the five top picks for hottest programming languages that you can learn this 2014. Other noteworthy picks include the C language series of which C, C+, C++, Objective C and C# are members. SQL is another language that you can used to manage database systems. Online resources are available if you want to learn coding right at the comfort of your own home and in your pajamas.