How To Pin A Tweet On Your Twitter Profile?

Social media is currently the most powerful platform where you can share your ideas, insights and performance of your business, creativity, website and so on. Twitter is a humongous micro blogging site, which has been a favorite of big business tycoons, politicians, celebrities, sports persons, goverments, content creators, business

What Google Launched in “Made By Google 2019”?

Google recently held its annual hardware launch event, “Made by Google” in New York city. The company launched a plethora of new devices and services, such as Stadia, Pixel Buds, Pixelbook Go, Nest Wi-Fi, Nest Aware, Pixel 4, etc. Stadia Google will be launching Stadia, its very own cloud video game streaming service on November

Google To Kill Google Clips Camera

Google has recently held its annual hardware launch event "Made By Google" in the New York city. Like every year, this year also Google has announced some new hardware devices and gadgets. It also announced the devices that they are stopping producing due to lack of approval among the users. This year,  Google has

Leveraging The Power of Embedded Systems

Embedded system functionality allows electronic devices to have far greater capabilities than ever deemed possible if only using hardware methodology. Advances in computer technology are exposing more instances of embedded technology in a far greater number of electronic devices. Embedded hardware development and software development systems can be found in small

Selecting The Perfect Slip Ring

Introduction When selecting a slip ring, you have to be very specific when you are choosing the models. If you select the wrong slip ring, it can create a series of events that can lead to safety problems, including fatal accidents. So, how can you select a suitable slip ring? At Moflon,

Dual Screen nubia Z20 Launches Globally At $549

Nubia Z20 has launched and it is now available for purchase across the world. The handset has integrated a secondary display at the back, the idea behind which is to remove notches and bezels from the front of the device. The secondary device can be used to capture selfies as well. nubia Z20 was launched

5 Reasons Why A Sales Based Organization Should Use CRM Software

In any service-oriented business as well as product-oriented business, customer satisfaction is the key to success. Thus, it is of great importance, that sales-based companies adopt a system to manage their most important assets, that is, customers. There is a system that can manage all your valuable customers in a

Streamline Your Hotel Operations With Advanced Management and Booking Software

Technological advances are happening in each industry and that is increasingly true for the hotel industry where advances are taking place at a rapid speed. It is critical that hoteliers implement hotel management system development in order to stay vital with the competition by improving their business operations. This type

What about mind-reading technology?

It was once thought to be the stuff of science fiction. But now, the idea that machines can read people’s minds and interpret their thoughts is becoming a reality. Through artificial intelligence and software development outsourcing, some organizations have taken the plunge and begun to tap into the world of

What you should know about the C-Suite Sentiment Study Report

Technology is increasingly influencing business. This means that executives are taking measures to adapt their businesses to these changes. That’s why multiple studies have been conducted on technology and business. One such study is the C-Suite Sentiment Study. This study was conducted on May 2019 by the Business Software Education

Adobe Launched “Fresco” Digital Painting Tool App for iPads

Adobe has been working on a digital painting tool application for iPad devices more about a year. It is quite similar to Photoshop in terms of features and functionalities. Last year, the company announced about Fresco, which was code named as Project Gemini, at that point of time. A few months ago, Adobe unveiled

Samsung Galaxy Fold Coming To The United States On September 27, 2019

The much coveted Samsung Galaxy Fold is finally making its way to us on September 27, 2019. The foldable display concept created a brouhaha among everyone and the excitement soared high ever since its announcement, seven months back. Initially, Galaxy Fold was scheduled to be launched in April, but due to issues with the

iOS 13: What’s New?

iOS 13 has arrived and here's the new features and updates that have made way to Apple devices. Dark mode Dark Mode is the new addition that has been made to the iOS 13. The dark mode is very simple to use and can be turned on either from the Settings or by

Importance of Proofreading Your Thesis

If you have written wrong spellings in a Facebook comment of yours, you must have noticed the huge number of backlashes from judgmental people. Imagine the same scenario for your thesis. You may not receive any backlash or rude comment, but your paper will simply get rejected. No matter how good the content is,

5 Simple Steps To Writing Your College Essay

5 Must-Have Gadgets for Students

Writing essays can be a big challenge to most of the students as it appears simple in the beginning, but is actually not so, Sometimes, choosing the essay topic is itself the strongest section. If you are already assigned a theme, then a big component of your line of work

5 Next Gen Technologies To Make Warehouses Safe For Workers

Nowadays, warehouses have gotten busier – with various rows of shelves and a rising desire for faster and better fulfillment. In recent years, warehouse technology has developed to accommodate rising complex working days. Next-generation technology such as those provided by JD Edwards Managed Services can create a more efficient and

5 Important Tips To Help You Write The Perfect College Essay


Essay or personal statement is an important step of your college admission application process. While your grade and letters of Recommendation are equally significant, but writing an essay will lead you through a lot of challenges. A perfect essay cannot be composed in a single day, but days of arduous work and time can

Distance Learning: Best Apps, Tools and Online Services

5 Must-Have Gadgets for Students

Technology is controlling practically every field in today’s world. The latest entrant being the education sector, or so it seems. A lot of learning institutions are harnessing the web of technology to transfer knowledge to students. Experts argue that this trend is rapidly growing. An e-learning app is no longer

Best Free Antivirus Software for Your PC and Mobile

The idea of protecting a device might appear confusing when it comes to choosing among a wide range of modern solutions. Many people prefer buying some of the popular products because they believe that paid plans are more reliable than free versions. Surely, with a paid plan of a program,