How to change hostname / Computer name of Mac OS X?

Change Hostname on OS X

When you launch Terminal, you can see your Computer's name appears in command prompt. You may also run hostname in Terminal to check your hostname. You may want to change the hostname of your computer while you are sharing files between computers or for any other reasons. Changing hostname or

How to assign Static IP in windows 7?

Static IP in Windows 7

IP address are of two kinds:- Static and Dynamic IP Address. In case of a Static IP Addressing, a fixed IP Address is provided to a user which is never changed whereas in case of Dynamic IP Addressing the IP Address of a user changes each time the ISP is

How to turn on or enable Aero in windows 7

Windows 7 Aero

Windows Aero is a striking feature in windows 7 that greatly enhances the graphical effects in windows 7 such as Aero Peek. The glassy transparent effect and many other visual effects introduced in Windows 7 is just impossible without Aero. Without Aero in a system having Windows 7 is just

How to enable adaptive brightness in windows 7?

Turn On Adaptive Brightness

Adaptive Brightness is a feature which adjusts the lighting conditions of the screen of your system accordingly to the present environment for the ease of your eyes. If you spend most part of your day on front of a computer then you should really care for the brightness and contrast

How to Fix Temporary Profile in Windows 7

windows 7 temporary profile error

Some of you might be thinking that what is a temporary profile in windows 7? You might not have encountered this ever if you are a normal user. Temporary Profile in Windows 7 means that sometimes it may happen that your operating system might not read the current profile present

How to speed up Windows 7?

speed up windows 7

This article will help you to speed up Windows 7 system. Microsoft Windows 7 gets installed with a lot of stuffs packed together irrespective of the compatibility of the system, so we need to manage the unnecessary settings according to our needs. Settings such as Visual and Sound Settings can

Apple Unveils iPhone 5C, 5S

apple iphone 5s and 5c

Apple recently unveiled two latest versions of the iPhone 5 – 5C and 5S after rounds of speculations. The latest iPhones will sport a plastic body and an aluminium body for 5C and 5S respectively. While the iPhone 5C will have buyers to choose from 5 different colours – white,