Change Hostname on OS X
Change Hostname on OS X

How to change hostname / Computer name of Mac OS X?

When you launch Terminal, you can see your Computer’s name appears in command prompt. You may also run hostname in Terminal to check your hostname. You may want to change the hostname of your computer while you are sharing files between computers or for any other reasons. Changing hostname or Computer’s name on Mac is a very easy job.

Just launch the Terminal and fire below command:
sudo scutil –set HostName NEW_HOST_NAME

It will prompt for current user password. Provide the password and hit “Enter”

Debaleenas-MacBook-Pro:Desktop TechEntice$ hostname
Debaleenas-MacBook-Pro:Desktop TechEntice$ sudo scutil --set HostName TechEntice
Debaleenas-MacBook-Pro:Desktop TechEntice$ hostname

That’s it. Now close the Terminal and launch it again, the new hostname will appear in command prompt.

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