5 Benefits to Cloud Hosting

cloud computing

IT infrastructure is very important to a business. This is because it results in tasks being completed efficiently. Nowadays, both small and medium size businesses prefer to use cloud computing because it’s more reliable than having such infrastructure on the ground. This means that businesses are no longer investing in IT equipment that’s housed in brick and mortar facilities. As a matter of fact, cloud hosting is not a new concept. The technology has been around for more than a decade now. The problem is that a majority of businesses were initially reluctant to embracing it. It has actually taken time for the importance of cloud computing to be recognized. If you are still in doubt, here is a list of reasons why cloud computing has gained a lot of popularity in the business field.

1. Guaranteed Security

With traditional brick and mortar based IT infrastructure, you can wake up one day and find that the security of your company data has been compromised. If someone stole a few of the computers on your property or hacked into your database, you would have to put a lot of effort towards the recovery of such crucial information. Similarly, if your premises were damaged by fire, you would have to start gathering data from scratch. Cloud computing offers the best remedy for such security threats. Even if someone vandalized your infrastructure, the data and servers would remain intact because they are out of reach to unauthorized persons.

2. Reduced Operational Costs

Cloud computing helps in cutting back on operational expenses by more than half. That’s why businesses that have already tested the waters of this technology swear to never go back to onsite infrastructure. Once you have subscribed for cloud service, you don’t need to invest in expensive IT hardware and software such as cabling system, servers and backup. This is due to the fact that everything that your business in terms of IT is available in the cloud. For instance, you don’t need to buy top of the range computers that come with high capacity hard drives and high speed processors.

3. Improved Collaboration

It’s easy for employees to collaborate their tasks when all IT resources are stored in the cloud. This is because employees can implement the decisions of the employer without experiencing any delay like when all resources are confined in a brick and mortar facility. In fact, systems and IT infrastructure that’s hosted in the cloud hardly experiences down times.

4. Convenience

Cloud computing ensures that the resources that are needed by a business are available at all times. This is because cloud based systems work round the clock, meaning employees can access whatever files or documents that they need at any time of the day. In fact, they can have access to company resources even when they are on the go. All they need is a device that’s connected to the internet. Employees don’t need to commute to the premises of the employer. In fact, they don’t need to meet in person because they can coordinate their tasks over the internet.

5. Easy to Manage Files and Documents

Finding files and documents that are stored in brick and mortar facility can be a tedious process. The other problem is that the contents of such documents can be manipulated. With cloud computing, such malpractices are unheard off. This is because there are tools and systems that make it easier to control how documents are accessed and used. For instance, no one can edit a document that’s stored in Google Drive without the permission from the owner.

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