Best Email Verification Service in 2020


If you want to find the best email verifier that has the complete set of necessary tools for accurate and fast email data verification, we will be happy to assist you in this matter. Proofy, a  free email verifier, stands out among a zillion of verifiers that should be installed on a PC or work online. To work with Proofy you do not need to download any software to your computer. Cloud service operates online. Before you click on the link, we will tell you more about this software, about its advantages, pricing and advanced tools that can help you make your marketing campaigns more effective, and business more successful.


Using the best email verifier software is free. All you need to do is simply register on the site. After that add your email address and click the ‘OK’ button. This way, you can verify your email data from anywhere in the world for free. What verification includes:

  • duplicate detection;
  • parsing;
  • checking mailboxes, etc.

All the results and other necessary verification information will appear in your control panel. Since you are a new user, you can carry out 500 free email verifications. After you run out of bonuses 1 verification will cost only $0.006. If you compare this rate with the pricing policy of other popular services, you’ll see that their prices range from $0.0069 to $0.0099, and some of them even offer $0.01. And you can’t agree more that it is quite expensive. 

To verify more addresses, the best email verification service offers favorable pricing plans with instant access to all tools without any restrictions:

  • $34 – 25,000 emails ($0.0023 per check);
  • $53 – 40,000 emails ($0.0022 per check);
  • $81 – 80,000 emails ($0.0017 per check);
  • $132 – 200,000 emails ($0.0011 per check)

In addition, using the best email validation tool Proofy, you can get even more verifications. If you need a more flexible pricing plan, the service offers up to 1,000,000 checks for $950 with $0.001 for 1 check. 

Free Trial or Free Plan Available

To get a free trial for verification of 500 emails, you just need to register. This bonus is available for all new users. The free email verifier software loyalty program enables you to have from 30,000 to 50,000 free verifications. You can also get a favorable discount of 40% on all tariff plans using a special promo code. You can find out promotion details by contacting the Proofy service. 

This approach saves your money and minimizes costs. The leftover funds can be used more efficiently. This solution will help to make the most cost-effective marketing campaign, which is critical in the highly competitive world market. 

Key Verification Methods

The best email verification service Proofy uses a wide range of tools for high-quality and most accurate real time verification of email addresses. First of all they are:

  • letters deduplication, allowing only use unique addresses;
  • parsing provides an address list with no errors;
  • domain verification marks all addresses with inactive or invalid domains;
  • SMTP verification allows you to connect to servers and send a request for the existence of real users, account activity, etc.;
  • the risk validator determines how safe the mailer is and gives an answer as “Deliverable”, “Risky” or “Unable to deliver”;
  • MX Records checks for MX existence records for each mailing address.

Among all the best email verification tools, Proofy has one very important advantage. When using this verifier, you don’t have to worry about disturbing your subscribers with any software actions. Proofy does not send emails or notifications to recipients. Information is collected and dossiers are compiled by using mail server data. 

Checking Through a Third Party or an In-house Email Database

This feature is a great addition to the best email verifier. By using it you can scan email addresses from the internal database and compare them with those available in the external one. Thus, the verification allows you to catch spam traps, low-rated addresses, etc. The process of analysis and comparison takes place unnoticed. But a positive result will be very tangible at the stage of sending letters to addresses from a clean list. 


The ability to easily integrate the email verification API into your website makes it possible to start the verification process directly in the web or mobile application. This feature offered by the best email verification is a real treasure for experienced users who want to use Proofy tools to the fullest and at their discretion. 

Technical Support

Sometimes it happens that we don’t understand something or don’t know how to use one tool or another. In this case, all you need is prompt and professional technical support. With that in mind, a service worth to be called the best email verifier is required to have qualified specialists who are ready to help. As for Proofy, it can also get high grades here because this email data validator has all the channels for communication with its customers: phone, online chat, email, social networks. You can ask a question by contacting them in any convenient way. 


To sum things up, it’s worth pointing that it’s quite difficult to find really cool software for email verification so that it ticks all the boxes of advanced marketers, entrepreneurs and ordinary users. But there is one, and it is This cloud service combines the best qualities: high accuracy and speed of verification, affordable price and flexibility of tariff plans, a free version and an attractive loyalty program.You can check this out for yourself on the free email verifier software website right now!

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