Best Free Antivirus Software for Your PC and Mobile


The idea of protecting a device might appear confusing when it comes to choosing among a wide range of modern solutions. Many people prefer buying some of the popular products because they believe that paid plans are more reliable than free versions. Surely, with a paid plan of a program, you will get extra features and timely support. But here’s the best free antivirus software that proves free versions to be as reliable as their costly competitors.


Avast Free Antivirus is an ultimate leader on the market, which is proved by its numerous fans from all parts of the globe. When you set up first, it’s recommended to conduct the full scan of the system to detect and remove any potential threats. Then, Avast rarely shows up, so you use your device without a need to check the security level.

Avast is a real-time scanning solution, so if some infection wants to intrude your device, Avast will detect it at once. What’s especially pleasant is that all these processes occur behind the scenes and you don’t get distracted with the threats. Avast free version comes with several helpful features, such as password manager, secure web browser, and home network scanning. Avast will secure the devices on Windows, macOS, and Android systems. Unfortunately, the owners of iPhones have to look at some alternative solutions.


ScanGuard is an underestimated solution that deserves your attention. Like Avast, ScanGuard is peculiar for invisible and smooth work. The free version does not have all the excellent features that developers put into this software, but it is sufficient for core protection against common online threats and viruses.

Unlike Avast, ScanGuard is available for iOS along with macOS, Windows, and Android. If you install the software on several devices, you can use one account for logging in. It’s convenient not only to save you time but also for managing parental control or some other features applied to several devices.

If you are concerned about privacy, the VPN coming with ScanGuard is a helpful tool. What’s more, this antivirus doesn’t slow a device and can even boost it a little. So even without super-powerful hardware, you will feel pretty comfortable.

PC Protect

PC Protect is one of the best free solutions that combine the best features of Avast and ScanGuard. PC Protect thoroughly scans your system. It might take more time in comparison to some of the competitors, but the detection rate of PC Protect is higher than in comparable antivirus software.

Don’t get it wrong about devices this software protects. The antivirus is available not only for the desktops but for mobile devices, too. On any device, PC Protect works smoothly without much impact on the system. In case you decide to upgrade, VPN, online-related protection, and timely support will make your user experience even more satisfying.

Bottom Line

Finding the best antivirus is not an easy task, so free versions are great because you can try different things. The reviewed solutions are the best in 2019, and we bet you’ll be satisfied with at least one of them. 

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